Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No longer my LIttle Baby

In the beginning of July, Maggie moved from the toddler room to Preschool. A bunch of kids have an issue with transitions like this. Not Maggie. She moved into that room liked she OWNED it. The director of daycare said that if she didn't know better, she would have thought that Maggie had been there for months. I wasn't too surprised about this, as Cam is always 'talking up' preschool to her.

But then, after being in preschool for all of about a week, she announces that she 'No wear diapers. I wear underpants". She has been in underpants ever since, and has had only one accident.

OK. Fine. Awesome. As I've said before, I'm all for self led potty training. And she is obviously doing great with it.

Then we visited my mom this weekend, and I gave Maggie the option of sleeping in a twin bed instead of her crib. She picked the bed. Which was fine - I had mom put a bed rail on it before we arrived and she did great. It certainly helped that Cam shared the room with her. We got home on Sunday night. Maggie was watching a DVD when we pulled into our driveway. She looked up and broke into tears. I NO WANNA GO HOME! I WANNA GO TO GRAMMAS! When I finally got her (somewhat) calmed down, she told me she didn't want to sleep in her 'baby bed'. I assured her that we'd get her a big girl bed as soon as we could.

I managed to get a sweet toddler bed yesterday from a friend and put it together for bedtime. I dismantled her crib and brought it downstairs. I actually didn't get to see her reaction to the bed as I took my mom to the Red Sox last night - but Aaron said she was really excited, and she slept really well last night! She didn't fall asleep right away, but she did sleep all night and stayed in the bed.

My point for all of this is to say WHAT THE FUCK! Maggie is my little baby! My sweet little girl! She isn't a baby anymore! She is a potty trained, big girl bed sleeping PRESCHOOLER. It's blowing my mind.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Unacceptable. No growing up, Maggie.

Cece said...

Now I totally understand why people have more than 2 kids. Thank god Aaron's best friend just had a baby - so I can visit and have my baby fix because this is killing me. If I didn't think it would cause insanity, I would totally be pressuring Aaron into another baby.