Monday, July 23, 2012

Water Weekend

The weather here was wonderful this weekend, and conveniently, we were invited to a pool party on Saturday! I'm sure I mentioned here before that I've always loved the water, and was on a swim team since the age of 6. Cameron has not been a fan of the water and that was distressing to me. Just recently, I had light bulb moment and realized that a lot of the issue is that he doesn't like water in his eyes (even in the tub), and he would probably love goggles. I also got him a bubble (just to make me less nervous when he is on the deck of a pool or the dock at the lake). This past weekend, I added a noodle to the mix - and now you can't get the kids out of the water!

At the party was Patrick Rogers - a great guy - but I also learned, a professional photographer. He got this picture of the kids on the raft - he captured their joy perfectly! Maggie LOVES the water.
They had a slide too. Cam wanted to go down it very badly, but I explained that his head would go underwater. The excitement about the slide overrode the fear of his head going underwater (these pictures snapped by another friend - photography is his serious hobby):
Every once in a while, Cam blows my mind. The first few times he went down the slide, we caught him. Which is pretty hard in a deep end. So I convinced him that I would hold hold the noodle right where he would land and he would grab it as he hit the water. He figured out to place the noodle at the end of the slide, and he'd catch it as he zoomed by.
We stayed in the water for almost 5 hours! By the time we got home, everyone was super tired. We got the kids to bed by 6:30, and had a quick date night to see The Dark Knight Rises (freaking awesome. Go see it). When we got home, the babysitter told us that Maggie woke up a couple times crying. I figured she was overtired and overstimulated from all the playing. But when she woke up at 11, Aaron went in to see what the deal was.... and it was a fever of 104. Which ended in her throwing up all over Aaron.

Maggie and I went into the guest room so at least Aaron could get some rest- but she was a wreck all night. No sleep for me, and maybe 2 hours for her. I called the doc in the morning, and we brought her in, hoping for an ear infection (both strep throat and hand, foot and mouth are going around right now). But it wasn't any of those things. She woke up today with a slight fever - 100.3 - so I'm working from home with her and praying its just a 24 hour virus.

In an effort to keep Cam healthy, Aaron stayed home with Maggie and we spent the whole day Sunday at the beach.

We had a blast. It's rare that I only have one kid with me - and it's fun.

Today at school it's Beach Day, the kids are going to wear bathing suits and play in a sprinkler. Cam was SUPER excited when I mentioned beach day.... I'm thinking he is going to be a little disappointed after the weekend we had!


HereWeGoAJen said...

That is all awesome, except for the part with vomit.

And may I recommend puddle jumpers? Best water floaty things for kids ever. :)

Kahla said...

I was going to recommend puddle jumpers too, but I see someone already did it! Emery absolutely loves her and is like a fish in water. They are awesome (and Coast Guard approved for use in boats, double score)!

Looks like a great time, except for the whole high fever/vomit part. Hope she's all better by now!