Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday night leftovers

This week has flown by! Catching up on real life after vacation will do that, I guess.
  • Today I'm catching up on my freezer cooking. I had let it slide because my cooking partner was out of town for a large part of last month. I had tried cooking 'normal' (prepping and cooking each day for just one meal) and it sucks. I'm used to standing in the kitchen once or twice a month and preparing 12 meals in a few hours. Then, I stick my hand in the freezer each morning, choose a side dish, and BAM. Dinner is ready. Zero thought process. I'm so used to this that figuring out food each day (even with a loose mealplan in my head) SUCKED. I'm very glad to be filling up my freezer again.
  • Added benefit - it's loads cheaper to cook this way too. I think I spent about $50 total (this isn't counting normal pantry items) for 12 meals for Aaron and I.
  • I did learn today that putting pre-made kebabs in a marinade into Ziploc bags for storage is DUMB. There are little holes in the bags that have leaked all over my freezer.
  • Tomorrow we are going to a birthday party for Cameron's very best friend. It's at a splash park. I'm just as excited as they are, I think.
  • This is a child that has everything, so I was really struggling to pick out a birthday present. I finally decided on matching freezer paper tee-shirts. W is obsessed with matchbox cars, so I'm going to do a matchbox car shirt for Cam and him, same car, but in their favorite colors. I think it'll be a hit.
  • I took a Zentangle class last night. Loved it. I recommend it to everyone.
  • Sunday one of my college roommates is coming to brunch. I haven't seen her since my wedding - I'm excited to meet her daughter!
  • I've also gotten back into knitting. It's mostly thanks to this pattern. It's all over the knitting world - everyone is obsessed with it - and I can see why. It's a fun knit. I picked colors that I normally wouldn't, and I thinking that's upping the fun for me.
I think that's it for this week. TGIF!


~Shari said...
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HereWeGoAJen said...

I bought the freezer paper but I have still not made the freezer paper shirts! I know!

I am going to start more freezer cooking. Any good tips?

Cece said...

For freezer cooking, I would go to and do a mini-meal plan first. I honestly only do the dinners and maybe a few lunches, as that is when we eat as a family. My kids breakfast and lunch at daycare, Aaron is out of the house by 5 AM (and doesn't even eat lunch). The way they have it organized is great - and the excel shopping lists are super helpful for organizing. Although you are a pretty organized person.

There are also a lot of books on the topic - I've gotten a few out of the library, but it's more work than just going to that website and letting them do it for you.

I would also recommend roping a friend into doing it with you. Even if you do a mini-meal plan, you are going to be in the kitchen for a couple hours. Doing it with a pal makes it more fun.