Monday, October 22, 2007

Cranky Scale

I'm about an 8.5 on the cranky scale today. I'm on day 10 of lupron... and AF was due yesterday. She's still a no-show. They told me that it may take longer to get my period on Lupron, but I didn't believe them. Guess that means it's all working, right? The combo of PMS and the lupron is making for good times though - I'm pretty cranky.

I am hormonal Cece, hear me roar.

Anyway - I spent the day Saturday at the NY Sheep and Wool festival. For knitters, this is kind of like a mecca of wonderful knitty things and people. I got my spinning wheel fixed (hopefully that is going to be a good stress reliever this winter) and got to spend time with an internet friend who is pregnant now after IVF. She did a great job of reassuring me about the shots and the rest of this cycle... and gave me a bit of hope about the whole thing. I also spent time with another fiber pal who brought her 5 week old baby girl... and let me hold her as much as I'd like. It was great.

I think the other reason I'm cranky is that I stayed up way too late watching the Red Sox last night - GO SOX!


mary ellen said...

Sorry you are feeling cranky. The combo of staying up late and the loopy lu.pron can do it to you. I hope you feel better soon.

Geohde said...

My bitch-o-meter is currently at eleven out of ten.

My reason?

You mean that I need one?



Trust me when I say that you could be forgiven for thinking that you've caught ebola when the Lupron period doesn't seem to stop until the stims put some estrogen in your system. Truly impressive bleeding, it was. AH, the memories.....

Baby Step said...

I started my lupron on Friday...the shots aren't too bad themselves, but I already started getting a headache and last night I woke up totally sweaty. Ick! I am bitchy too. We need to start a lupron.bitch club.