Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good times

So. AF came yesterday. And then stopped. And then started again full force late night.I may be cheating, but I went in for my baseline bloodwork and u/s today. I was supposed to go the day after AF started. Does AF starting at 11 PM count? Does it really matter? Guess I'll find out this afternoon when my nurse calls with the results! I just have an important meeting for work on Weds morning, and didn't want to chance being late.

I've never had a baseline u/s... but it took forever. And I was so worried about the bloodwork lady not being able to find my vein that I drank a bunch of water (like 32 ozs) before I got to the office. I now think I would rather deal with multiple sticks for bloodwork than 20 minutes of fishing around in my private parts for my ovaries. I would be self conscious, thinking it is because I am heavy.. but when I was 20 pounds heavier, my old clinic had no issues. I blame my bladder. I did empty out right before I went in... but I bet it filled up again before long.


Guess the shots start tonight! I supposedly should have to go back in for another round of bloodwork and u/s for 6 days.


Heidi said...

It feels good to get started. I have been reading your blog and wish you the best of luck you and aaron seem to be very good people. My clinic always had trouble finding my left ovary. one time she said that it was gas. So its not your weight. You should be very proud of your weight loss. you have worked so hard. I had IVF with BFN and just had FET. not as many shots with FET. I was sore after ER for a few days. I know have started massage and acupuncture. They say acupuncture will increase your chance by up to 10%. I was wondering why you stopped. My Doc recommended acupuncture right after transfer. It did seem to relax me more. I had only had 2 other sessions and I seem to sleep better after them. I was not sleeping well with all the meds. I wish you the best and hope you get you BFP at the end.

Geohde said...

It's interesting just how many more tests the US does for IVF. I never had any bloods taken, and I only had a few scans.

It worked pretty well apart from the fact that I didn't actually conceive, of course.

I hope that the rest of the cycle goes beautifully smoothly for you Cece.


Samantha said...

My clinic just loves giving everyone ultrasounds and taking blood. My arms were both massive bruises by the time I was done. I hope can find a good compromise between easy ultrasounds and easy bloodwork. One tip: soak your arm in hot water first: it brings the vessels to the surface.

Good luck starting the stims!

Meghan said...

Good luck with everything!!!

mary ellen said...

Good luck starting stims!