Sunday, October 28, 2007

Estradiol 98 pg/ml on day 6 of Stims?

Is this a big crisis? Should I be freaking out? They are upping my follistim by a little less than double the dose I was on before....

This is what I found on Dr. Google (at least I'm not at 75)

Abstract Purpose : To compare two GnRHa flare protocols among poor responders undergoing IVF-ET and to evaluate if a Day 6 estradiol level can predict outcome.
Methods : Retrospective analyses of GnRHa flare IVF cycles among poor responders. Group A (miniflare, N = 36) 40 g GnRHa s.c. b.i.d. from Day 3; Group B (standard flare, N = 24) 1 mg GnRHa on Days 2–3; 0.5 mg GnRHa from Day 4. ROC analysis was performed to find a Day 6 estradiol value that is predictive of cycle outcome.
Results : With the standard flare, patients required less gonadotropins and tended to have fewer cancellations and higher pregnancy rates. A Day 6 estradiol level 75 pg/mL was predictive of cycle cancellation, but not of pregnancy outcome.
Conclusions : Standard GnRHa flare offers some advantages over the miniflare. Day 6 estradiol 75 pg/mL is predictive of cycle cancellation. When the estradiol level is low on Day 6 (no flare), early cancellation should be considered.


Geohde said...

Darlin' Cece,

The short answere is ?maybe, only the retrospectoscope will have the real answer, in that exact order.

The first cycle is often a bit of a shambles (just look at mine) guessing what dose of stims will work for you.

It's easy for me to sit here, all Zen, and tell you to wait it out, but hell, freak away. I did, and it's almost impossible not to.

But things will quite possibly work out still,


Samantha said...

Hopefully it just means you won't hyperstimulate. Sometimes a little medication adjustment's all you need too to get things moving the way they want.

amysue said...

I didn't see your voicemail until a little while ago and didn't want o call during the game.

It's not an exact science and what Samantha said may be true-you'll check and see what adjustments they may or may not want to make.

That said freaking out is ok and to be expected. Breathe.

mary ellen said...

I am with the others. The first cycle is sort of a guessing game. Hopefully an adjustment in your dose will do the trick.