Friday, October 12, 2007

Have I mentioned I love my new clinic?

ETA: Aaron got the call - he said it this way, and those of you that know me IRL will totally laugh: 'The nurse says you are totally normal, and we can start shots tomorrow'. Totally normal! LOL!!!

Today was my first blood draw - the day 21 progesterone test to see if I can start my lupron tomorrow. Par for the course - I'm kind of freaking out about it, as I've never had a day 21 progesterone test. I hope all comes back fine. Another reason I was freaking out is that my last clinic had all sorts of issues finding my veins... calling me difficult, pretty much always taking multiple attempts to stick me, and once or twice needing to stick the needle in the top of my hand, which hurt. I dreaded it. My new clinic? Took the lady one try, and when I commented that she was a goddess, she laughed, and asked why I would say that. I told her about my past bad experience, and she said - well those people obviously didn't know what they were doing!

Yep. I agree.

The drive into get my blood drawn is about 40 minutes one way... which is a huge change from my 10 minute detour for my other clinic - but I feel so much better about that whole experience, that it's OK. I even treated myself to a breakfast sandwich on the way back to my office.

Speaking of the office....I'm going forward with my new job opportunity. I think it'll be a good diversion will all this IVF crap going on, and in the long run, a less stressful job. Although I'll be giving up managing a team, I will be gaining a new skill.. so it all evens out in the long run. This is, of course, assuming I even get the job! I work for a large company, so things tend to move very slowly.


Baby Step said...

Sounds so wonderful - new IVF clinic, new job! Hooray!!! And the extra 30 minute drive is totally worth it.

Geohde said...

Sorry the new clinic is further away, but it sounds like the drive will be well worth it.

Especially for competant blood draws!

Good luck with the lupron. You can join me in hormonal withdrawl headache in no time :)


Kristen said...

I hope the blood draw results come back okay. So funny to have "normal" and "shots" in the same sentence. I would have laughed out loud.

Good luck with your new job opportunity! I hope that all this change also brings on a BFP :)