Thursday, October 25, 2007

Damn, I look good holding a baby

Go ahead. Click and go here. Scroll down to the first picture. That is me holding a friend's 5 week old baby. See! I need one of my own!

Doing the shot in my belly was MUCH better last night. Only major side effect is a constant headache... but it isn't a WICKED headache... just an annoyance.


Samantha said...

I'm glad the belly shot worked out better. That's always where I've done all of my shots.

Cute picture! Hopefully you'll soon get your own to hold!

Baby Step said...

I am a pro at the belly shots now. Even with a 4 months old choco lab puppy jumping around at my feet!

Lucia said...

You're beautiful.

Geohde said...

You do :)

Here's to one of your own damn soon,



Chris said...

Yes, you do look fantastic holding that baby!

Glad the follistim worked better as a belly shot. That's where I got mine. Other from some bruising I only had some slight stinging. said...

You do need one and I hope that it happens for you this time.