Friday, January 4, 2008


My headache is over, for now. It's a 'virtual' headache. I got my blood drawn this morning, and my HCG was negative. I go in on Tuesday to talk to the doc about my next cycle - but the nurse was saying that I should get a period soon, and then with my NEXT period, we would start lupron on day 21. So - end of Feb sometime. Which I'm glad of. It was all I could do to force myself to drive the 45 minutes to the clinic this morning (it's 45 minutes AWAY from my office, so in order to get to work on time, I need to leave my house by 6). I'm just not ready to deal with that daily early wake up call and drive that I'll have to do once we start cycling again.


I didn't blog about this before, but on New Years Eve, at 3:30 in the morning (well, I guess that is New Years Day, but whatever). I took Aaron into the ER with the worst headache he'd ever had. That came onto him right after we had a quickie. At 7:30 in the evening. Nice, huh? First - the poor man really hasn't had much sex in the past 3 months, he gets a headache from it, and then I, being the loving wife that I am tell him that 'He had better not ruin my New Years Eve'. I was SO determined to have fun that night. And I just couldn't believe that his headache was THAT bad. We did have a great time. He made it to the party, toughed it out until 12:30, and then went home. When I stumbled in at 3:30 he still had the headache and was crying. I've seen him cry one other time in our relationship - and it was because I was crying.

I drove him to the ER (kind of a bonehead move on my part considering the drinking I had been doing and nursing a major guilt complex considering I forced him to suck it up earlier in the evening). They gave him morphine, did a cat scan and did a spinal tap. They were nervous about bleeding in his brain, considering how quickly the headache came on, what we were doing at the time, and how severe it was. Everything looked fine so they sent him home. He continues to have the headache until today.

Anyway - he's been on his ass for the past 3 days because he is supposed to be taking vicodin every 6 hours and it totally knocks him out. But at least his head seemed to not hurt anymore (well, until the pain meds wore off). But, at noon, he headache was back full force, and 2 pills did nothing. His doctor told him to wait until Monday to see if the headache would go away on it's own. Aaron said he can't go another 2 hours feeling this way, let alone 2 days. So back to the ER we go. They have pumped him up with more drugs, and this doc tells us that a side effect of the spinal tap is a severe headache.

Why didn't they tell us this before? So, I hope and pray that the problem is a side effect of the spinal tap, and by Monday, he'll be totally fine.

Personally, I think this is a good thing. Aaron does not know how to relax. Forget about the ridiculous amount of stress and bad things that have happening the past 2 weeks, in general, he can't just sit and watch TV or sleep in. He has to be doing work on the house. Or working. Or coaching his soccer team. I'm sure that this is not something life threatening. And it does feel good to be taking care of him for a change. And, now that he is taking percocet, he will basically be on forced rest all weekend.

After that Aaron will be better (can it just happen if I will it to? I know it doesn't work for baby making, but maybe this?) - I'm praying to anything that will listen for the rest of 2008 to be better!


Tracy said...

Hi Cece!

I'm so sorry Aaron is feeling so lousy. And here I've been complaining about my stupid hormonal headaches! Migraines are gnarly.

And I remember feeling that way about the clinic after my CP too. In fact, I completely skipped an appointment one day because "I didn't feel like it." It was just a blood draw, but still, they called and were concerned. It felt very liberating, yet juvenile at the same time.

I hope 2008 is a much better year for the both of you.

waitinginline said...

I'm glad that you finally made it to negative. Even better that there's already a game plan!

I'm sorry for your hubby's headache. I do know what you mean about actually taking a day off and being allowed to take care of him, though. When Mr. W severed his fingers, it was the only time he wasn't working on the house and/or working. Honestly, he was up and doing things as quickly as humanly possible, though. Good luck!

k2 said...

I'm so sorry about Aaron's headache. Migraines are a terrible thing. My husband gets them, too. When he was still living in Germany he ended up in the hospital with the docs thinking he was having a stroke; it turned out to be a migraine. He's a pretty type-A kind of guy, too. No surprise there...

For what it's worth, acupuncture has helped him tremendously. He started it when we were TTC for fertility reasons. Since he started he's had only one migraine.

I'm sorry you're going to miss Sock Camp this year. I'm hoping that we'll both make it in 2009.

I'll be thinking good thoughts for you this next cycle.

Meghan said...

Sorry about his headache. I'm sure they ruled out everything serious at the ER and now he just has to ride out the pain. Sucks of course.

And I'm glad you've got your plan and are ready to go!

amysue said...

Oh Cece! I'm so sorry about Aaron and hope the headache vanishes soon and stays that way. You guys really deserve a break and soon!

Take care.

Baby Step said...

Cece- that really sucks about Aaron's headache. You know what - the EXACT thing happened to me on Mother's Day a year and a half ago. I was going to take my mom out to dinner, and right before we left, the worst head ache of my life hit me like a ton of bricks. I canceled dinner and tried to lie down but I was crying it hurt so bad. I waited about 6 hours and it didn't go away. My brother is a radiologist and he told me to go the ER immediately in case it was an aneruism. Talk about stress! So my husband took me in, I had a CT scan and a spinal tap, they found nothing wrong, (the spinal tap was HORRIBLE), the headache lasted a couple more days but gradually declined and I have been fine ever since. So...hopefully it is not anything serious...talking from experience, it probably is not serious. But how scary!

Samantha said...

I hope Aaron feels better and soon! That sounds pretty awful.

Geohde said...


That sure sounds like on heck of a headache.

I hope everything settles down, soon.

Adding my new and improved 2008 thoughts to the pile,



Jennifer said...

Oh, poor Aaron...I hope that headache (or migraine) attack ends very's certainly no fun to feel like you'd rather have someone cut off your head becuase of how much it hurts, than anything else!!! I've had migraines, but never one's that have lasted more than 2-3 days! Poor guy.

I'm glad your HCG is down to 0 and you can focus on moving forward with your next cycle!

maryellenandsteve said...

That sounds awful! I hope that Aaron feels better soon!