Thursday, January 31, 2008

I lied.

NOT starting Lupron on Thursday - my bloodwork came back yesterday. My body isn't ready for the Lupron, which makes sense to me. I usually ovulate on or around CD 18, so taking blood on CD 19 probably wasn't going to do it. I'll go back in on 2/5 and probably start lupron on the 6th.

Have I mentioned here that I was trying to eat more healthy? And also go to the gym more. I got off the work-out bandwagon once I started my last IVF cycle, and it was just so hard to start up again. I have been eating well (most of the time) but going to the gym has been hard. At most, I'm going 2 times a week. I get down on myself about it - and I just need to remember that 2 times (or even ONE) is better than nothing. But it's hard.

In other very random news, I had the most insane dream last night. When I was in college, I was on the swim team. I was a pretty good swimmer, but at times would get fed up with the coaching staff, whatever. You know how college kids are. So, in my dream last night, I went back to swim team after the summer - and the coach cut me from the team! Telling me that I hadn't kept in shape over the summer and that I had a poor attitude. All night, I would wake up and try to stop the dream, but it would just start up again when I fell asleep. In the dream, I would think how much easier my senior year would be without having to go to swim practice all the time - but then wishing I was still on the team. And would wake up hurt and anrgy about be cut. Weird, right?

Friday I'm off to my family's cabin to spend the weekend with my mom. It's her birthday, and I think it's best I get out of the house. Aaron will be starting de-construction soon on the living room. God save me.


Duchess said...

We could be workout buddies and try cheer/encourage each other. I am having a seriously hard time getting back into the gym and feeling super bad about it too.

Bside- Kenya said...

I'm also forcing myself to eat ans drink healthier. Good grief :)

Annie said...

Dreams are certainly weird things!

I hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend.

Baby Step said...

I will be your work-out buddy too. Sorry about the dream, that is tough that it wouldn't stop even when you woke up and went back to sleep! Sounds like an anxiety dream to me --- hang in there.