Friday, January 18, 2008

More snow

Well, it's snowing again today! But, I am working. It's been a pretty laid back week after last week - so it's fine. Plus - I have Monday off! One of the awesome things about working at a bank is you get every single back holiday off. Growing up, I went to private schools - so this is a new treat for me.

I did go to my shrink on Weds. He asked why I was there, and 30 minutes later - he kind of shook his head. We talked for a bit, and he said mostly I just need someone to talk to that I'm not feeling like I'm going to give a headache (Aaron) or worry (my mother) or think I'm a basket case (my friends). I know that most of my worries are a little off (none of those people would think that I'm strange for venting to them) but I do get sick of only talking about bad stuff. It's just not the 'normal' me. Without asking, he was scheduling appointments for me through March - which I think will be great. I'll have him to talk to while I'm going through my next cycle. Which to Jo's question in my last post, no I don't have any embies on ice - I need to do a full fresh cycle. I'm going to see the doc on the 29th - I'll know more details then.

Aaron and I are having date night tonight! We have had such little time together in the past months to sit down and have a nice dinner together, that I kind of forced him into it. We are going to my favorite fancy restaurant, and I can't wait! His father is coming to visit this weekend, and I told Aaron to tell him not to come until Saturday. I love my father in law, but I want some alone time with my husband. They are planning on finishing up the new office this weekend - which is crazy exciting.


Jen said...

Yay for date night! That place looks great. Good wine?

Baby Step said...

I am glad you are going out to reconnect with your hubbie. Looks like a nice restaurant!

Frieda said...

I hope you had a great evening and that your weekend is fun.

Geohde said...

Gah. It was tactless of me to ask, then.

I apologise.Wholeheartedly.



Bside- Kenya said...

Date nights are so awesome!