Thursday, January 24, 2008

House News

Well - something I haven't talked about in a long time is our remodel of that 3 season porch. If you can believe it, it's almost done! We may be moving in this weekend! Aaron put in the hardwood floors over the Christmas break, and then he finished up the window frames and other finishing this past weekend... and I actually went and bought color for the walls yesterday.

It's hard to describe what we are doing, so I've done a (new) picture (for those over-observant people who noticed I didn't have doors for the dining room in the first picture. I also added the door to the outside from the kitchen!):

The 'new office' used to be the three season porch. We currently have our 'office' in the den. And the TV and where we mostly sit is in the living room. Our original plan was to move where we sit and the TV into the den - mostly because of a desire to actually get to use our fireplace. The den has nasty fake wood paneling that we were planning on ripping out and replacing with new wallboard. But, as the new office was finishing up and we started figuring out the layout of the den - we really couldn't figure out how to make it a usable room - especially with the size of TV Aaron wants to get, lol!

We made the decision to knock down that wall between the den and the living room, and make it all one nice big room. In some respects, we'll be losing the opportunity for a separate space for a 'play room' - but that space would have been the current living room - and I don't know that I would have wanted to turn that into a play room anyway.

I'm both excited and scared for this next step. Aaron assures me it won't take that long - but the new office took almost a year! I really don't want the whole downstairs of my house torn apart for months on end. We had a serious talk about it - and he promises it will be done before soccer season (he is a coach, and it's a major time suck for 6 weeks out of our lives each season - nothing else gets done during soccer season!). When it is done - it's going to look awesome.

This weekend I'll post pictures of the new room, and you can all look forward to more de-construction pictures in the weeks to come!


Meghan said...

Wow--how exciting, like getting a whole new house! I wish my husband was that handy, we just hire people...makes things so much more expensive

Meghan said...
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Brandy said...

That's fabulous! I love working on our house, it's nice when you actually have the chance to build on and really change things around like that.

I have to ask though, how do you get in your dining room? :-)

sukeyknits said...

Exciting about the new make over as it fast approaches. It'll be a completely different feel in the house - different flows and all. And don't forget, if you need to escape, you should come visit my place (if the allergies are ok) and we can knit all weekend (and catalog my yarn :)

lyra's mom said...

I love the idea to knock down the wall between the den and the living room. I think you'll use and enjoy all of the space in your house a lot more. I think the whole downstairs will feel much bigger also. The work will be worth it!

Malloryn said...

That is very exciting! It'll be a lot of work and dust but in the end you're going to love it. :)

Baby Step said...

How exciting! We are 4 months into our remodel, probably 8 more months to go -- but it is raining here like cats and dogs and it is really putting a damper on my plans!!!

Geohde said...

Good luck witht he remodelling, I'm in admiration that you guys can do it yourselves,