Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Monday

I know that Wednesdays are set for random blog posts.... but I have a bunch of stuff to report from this weekend that I can't figure out any decent way to tie together. So - we'll go with a list.

1. The new office is done! And we moved in! We picked out a neat new rug, and moved in the desks and set everything up. It looks awesome. We even got the dogs a fancy new dog bed that they are in love with. No pictures, sorry. I think that deconstruction of the living room starts this upcoming weekend. I will thankfully be at my family's cabin spending time with my mom for her birthday.

2. I have my meeting with the doc tomorrow for my next cycle. I don't know what I feel about it yet. We are also going to meet with the social worker, which will be good for us, I think. I'll report back tomorrow.

3. I went in this morning to the orthodontist. I know, 32 years old and getting braces? Actually - it isn't for the first time. I did have them when I was a teenager, but they did the basics. My mom didn't have a lot of money, and couldn't afford to pay for them on her own, so she had to split the cost with my father. He would only pay for 'necessary' fixes. He deemed the big space between my 2 front teeth as a 'family' trait (he has a huge space too) and wouldn't pay for that to be fixed.

I hate the space. And since the space is so big, it causes a big bump in my gums - which, I admit, you wouldn't notice, but I DO. And that is what matters. I just wanted to see the cost. Well. As a grown-up, with insurance, it isn't that bad! So - in March, I'm getting braces on my top teeth. I hope it isn't too weird.

Ok - I think that's it for now. I'll let you all know how the meeting with the doc goes tomorrow.


K @ ourboxofrain said...

Congrats on finishing the new office -- what a huge accomplishment! Good luck with the living room!

As for the space between the teeth, I feel your pain. I too had the huge space between my front teeth (big enough for a pencil) when I was a kid. They had to cut the muscle that had formed between them before putting braces on, and the orthodontist recommended only putting a brace on those two teeth, so I was the kid with 2 braces. At the time, I wondered whether keeping the gap might have been less traumatic than living through that surgery and then getting made fun of for my funny braces, but in retrospect it was worth it.

Good luck with the doc tomorrow!

sukeyknits said...

Can't wait to see the new office. And braces!! Crazy. I can't even remember the gap and have seen your mug for over a decade now. We'll have to come up with a fun nickname for you to reinact all the great memories of youth!

Jen said...

I had braces for 5 years in my twenties and 2 jaw surgeries. It sucked at the time, but I'm so glad that I did it.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the new office! Good luck with your RE appt...I hope it goes well!

Baby Step said...

My next cycle is starting again too -- I went in for my Lupron Challenge blood draw this morning. Good for you for getting braces if you want them! My best friend just got them and she is 35 years old. She looks adorable. :-)

Bside- Kenya said...

You have to show us the braces! Big fan of the braces. I had the Denise Huxtable braces as a teen and I love my grin today so go for it.- Kenya

Samantha said...

Really you're never too old for braces, but I bet they're not any more fun as an adult than they were at 13.