Friday, January 11, 2008


Yesterday was one of those annoying stressful days - the one where everything sneaks up on you? I had a few errands to run after work on my way to the gym... ended up at work later than expected, and needed to make more stops than I thought to get everything I needed. Annoying. Then, I got to the gym and realized I forgot my tee shirt! Thankfully they found an extra shirt and let me have it so I was able to meet with the trainer.

She was nice - but it's a timed session (since it's free) and we spent 30 minutes chitchatting - which I never would have done if I realized she was going to count it in my 30 minutes of time. So - I burned 60 of my 90 free minutes. I did get a good circuit of weight lifting to do - and now I'm that good kind of sore that you get after working out! I kind of like feeling that way.

Oh, and the Peapod delivery came yesterday - that is a pretty sweet way of getting groceries. Love it. And I signed up for a CSA food share at the Food Project. I feel like I have things pretty under control in the 'eating well area' now... which makes me happy. Of course, last night I asked Aaron to cook dinner, since I would be late at the gym, and he opted for Not Your Average Joe's take out. I got fish, but I was a bit annoyed that he couldn't have just cooked up the healthy stuff I had waiting. Maybe he was sick of all the whole wheat stuff and veggies I've been forcing on him. Whoops.

This weekend I'm having my buddy Suzanne visit, and she is going to help me clean up my craft room (again). Possibly maybe also my closet which is just a disaster area. But mostly we are going to hang out and talk. She always makes me feel good and is one of my oldest friends. I'm really looking forward to it!


Bside- Kenya said...

Sounds like you're of to good start in '08

Baby Step said...

I am that "good kinda sore" today too! Good for you on the gym/healthy food worries about take-out once in a while. It is the big picture that counts.