Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bullet point post

A great weekend! Aaron and I have come to an understanding - I try to curb my desire to plan and schedule the crap out of every weekend, and he is working on going out with the kids and playing instead of wanting to stay home and work on the house. We are working on it. This was a long weekend, and Aaron arrived home from his trip on Saturday morning. We did a lot of fun little things:

  • First, I am happy to report that all was right in the world when Maggie got home to find a pool there. Both kids had a blast in it

  • One downfall is that Cam would not put on a swim diaper nor a bathing suit. So I let him go in naked. And now he INSISTS on being naked in the pool. Which is fine at home, but what about other places? Anyone else deal with this? I'm talking about full on sobbing when I try to get a bathsuit/swim diaper on

  • I went to spin class Saturday morning! I haven't been to the gym in ages, and it felt great.

  • Saturday morning we went over to help plant veggies with our family. Cam and Maggie were totally into helping - it was cute

  • I wish I had the picture of Maggie basically covered in dirt (you can see her in the picture above, she sat next to me while I planted and dumped dirt all over her legs) but my cousin's finger was on the lens

  • This was all done with Aaron's cousins (this is the Aunt and Uncle that live in our same town - his Aunt considers our kids her grandkids - and they LOVE it there) is working a a project called Foodstalk - encouraging people to buy local food - check it out.

  • Saturday night, we got a babysitter and went out for the longest date we ever have gone on - dinner AND a movie! We were out for 5 hours! Of course, it was with a big group of our family, but it was a blast. We saw Hangover 2 - totally worth it.

  • Sunday morning we hit the local park and just played around the house. Aaron even mowed our neighbors lawn - they were away on vacation, and it was really long.

  • Sunday morning we tried out a new breakfast place the next town over. It was great, and we realized that the Memorial Day parade would be starting soon. So we stayed. Cam and Maggie helped place flags at the town's veteran's memorial:

  • And Cam waved his flag high!

The weekend ended with a picnic at our Aunt and Uncle's - and two super tired kids crashed when we put them to bed. And we did soon after


HereWeGoAJen said...

That does sound like a great weekend.

We haven't had the swimsuit problem yet. Elizabeth loves to put on her swimsuit because it means I am going to take her to the pool, so I have the opposite problem. A whiny girl, clinging to my leg, saying "I NEED my swimmy suit. I NEED IT. I NEEEEED my flip flop shoes." (Maybe a reusable swim diaper? It might be different enough that you could trick him for a while.)

Carrie27 said...

Does he need to wear the swim diaper if he is just using the pool at home?

We have let E (2.5 years old) just wear his trunks when using our pool at home.