Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Learning new stuff - Video Tuesday!

This weekend, Maggie started saying things that make sense. Like 'outside!' and 'shirt'. Gotta love that girl, she goes from 0-60. I was slowly waking up while Aaron was getting her out of the bed, and I could hear the cutest exchange. Aaron had opened up the curtains and was looking outside with Maggie:

A: Look at all the pretty flowers outside, Maggie.
M: Out SIDE!
A: Laughing - That's right Maggie! Outside!

And she is just so god damn cute when she talks - it kills you. She would walk over to me - look up and say 'Shirt?' as she tried to take her shirt off. And when I said No - the look. She has this killer look that will serve her well in life, trust me. I've GOT to get a picture of it.

Here she is this morning. She now can get into her carseat all by herself, and she is VERY proud of herself. But today, she sat in the middle, and wouldn't get out.

Now Cam. His big excitement this weekend was figuring out how to pedal a bike. I have been trying to teach him - but I've found it's kind of a hard skill to teach. So I'd stopped trying - I knew he'd figure it out soon enough. We went to a party where there was a tennis court, and when I wasn't looking, hopped on someone else's trike and figured it out!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Wow! What a lot of milestones in one week! Such smart children you have.

Elizabeth hasn't quite figured out the pedaling either. We just got her a trike a few weeks ago and you can see the wheels turning in her mind, but they haven't made it down to her feet yet. Partially because she's still a little too short for it too.

BrandiH said...

I love when they first start making sense and can have a conversation!

I can't wait for Lillian to learn how to pedal her bike. She tries, but gets so frustrated.