Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My morning

Each morning, I wait until Maggie or Cam wakes up until I get out of bed. Or until after 7 AM - because the rule is that no one gets taken out of bed until at least 7 AM. I don't set an alarm, because someone is always making noise by 7:30 at the latest. And, even if they did sleep crazy late, most of the people I work with don't get in until 9. Usually, Cam wakes up and sings whatever song is in his head until I come get him. If I take too long, he assumes I'm taking a shower, and yells MAMA!? IN SHOWA!?!

Maggie sometimes wakes up first, and I grab her and let her run around while I get ready. She loves exploring our bedroom. But. In general, I wake up, get dressed, get Cam dressed, and then we go into Maggie's room. While I'm dressing Maggie (which is like trying to dress a weasel on crack) Cam usually explores her room, reading books, looking out the window... whatever.

Now that he is in a big boy bed, we've taken out a stool that we used to leave in his room. And - perhaps everyone remembers the great toy purge of two weeks ago? I found some huge floor pillows taking up way too much space in a closet, and decided on putting them in Maggie's room. Now, while I'm dressing Maggie, Cam climbs up on the stool, sings the ABC song (he has to sing the whole thing, and then he goes 1-2-3!), and then jumps off the stool onto the pillows. Laughs hysterically and then does it again and again. This morning, I wanted to video him singing the ABC song - because I'm sure this happens to all of you too - once he knows I'm taping, he either clams up or runs over and yells 'Wanna see ME!'.

Here is what I got:

It's a total fluke I got this on camera - because (after placing MANY more pillows) he never did this again. But seriously. SERIOUSLY.


kate said...

the kid is a gymnastic genius!

HereWeGoAJen said...

When I pull out the video camera, Elizabeth yells "NOOOOOO" and runs away.

This is the cutest video. And yes, SERIOUSLY.

Sukey said...


Sukey said...

And still no 4!