Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Teacher's gifts

I've been quilting with a group of friends for about 7 year now. Most of them have children, and I've seen them sew like crazy ladies for end of the year teacher gifts. And I thought they were a bit crazy.

And now, I'm doing the same thing. Cam is more than a little bit excited to move up to the pre-school room, and although he doesn't officially make the transition until July - he has been spending quiet a lot of time there. Here are the fireman pillowcases I told you about last week:

I brought them to daycare during naptime, and I think they were a hit. Although the look on one of the teacher's face was that she was expecting more. Sigh. Sometimes you can't win.


HereWeGoAJen said...

As a former teacher, thank you for not getting them bubble bath or a scented candle.

Calliope said...

oh but those are cute!!
so far I have only gifted brownies...