Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cute Baby Pictures

Very busy here, working and prepping for the block party this weekend - but I couldn't leave you all high and dry! I will appease the blog with sweet baby pictures.

The gang, having a 'picnic' dinner:

Maggie, with the new Rabbit toy I knit.

Cameron, claiming the Bunny as his own and making it obvious I need to knit 2:

Maggie, with her definition of ONE cookie:

And Cam at the ballgame with Daddy!


Deborah said...

Soo cute!! Maggie's really not a baby anymore.

Molly said...

so cute ! Maggie's hair is getting long. And yay for a second bunny

Lisa said...

Love the bunny! Do you mind sharing where you found the pattern? (Sorry if you already did!)

HereWeGoAJen said...

I love that tray idea! That is perfect for a kid picnic. Now I have an excuse to buy one of those trays.

Sukey said...

Perfect way to start a crazy friday! Love how maggie has positioned herself front and center of the tray and relegated her brother to the sidelines for dinner.