Tuesday, June 14, 2011

'I want DADA!"

This weekend was a ton of fun stuff for the kids:

  • Ed the Music Man Saturday morning

  • Thomas the Train on the big screen for Cam

  • End of year church picnic on Sunday morning

  • Birthday party for a friend Sunday night (Cam stayed home with Daddy, while Maggie was the bell of the ball in a cute little party dress)

  • Triple A baseball for Cam and Aaron on Monday night

  • Dinner out with Mama for Maggie on Monday night

Last night, when Aaron got home with Cam from the baseball game (at 8:30 PM - very tired little boy), Aaron went out of the room and Cam yells I WANT DADA! So I moved over to where Aaron was standing, and Cam says 'NO Mama. That where Dada goes.'.

Trying hard not to get bitter that Aaron is getting 100% of the credit for all the fun things that I find to send him and Cam too! Although it's pretty awesome how much Cam loves his daddy. And Maggie is still mine, all mine.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Elizabeth tends to want whichever of us isn't there. And Matt always gets the credit for being fun. :)