Monday, June 20, 2011

Success, Success, Success

I'm a winner today. A bunch of things have worked out well that I have been planning and it makes me happy.

The Block Party is the first big success. The weather was perfect, everyone showed up and had fun! The bounce house was a hit with everyone (even Maggie was in it a few times), the band rocked, and party went on until 1 AM. I called it quits at 11 - knowing that the kids would be up nice and early Sunday morning. The only thing that we will change in the future is not stressing on the organized stuff. The scavenger hunt was a HUGE hit, but after that - the kids just wanted to run around and have fun on their own. No adults played bocce, no wiffle ball was played, no volleyball. There was a water balloon fight though.

My bright red dress has arrived, and it fits wonderfully. I definitely need a new bra, but this woman knows how to make a plus sized dress. I need to just 'work it' because I haven't worn a sleeveless dress in ages - but it's almost like wearing nothing - so comfy and light and fun.

And finally, the wedding that the dress is for? I decided to make the couple a quilt at the last minute and it is awesome. Wanna see?
OK. That crappy iPhone pictures isn't doing it justice, but it's a cool quilt. The fabric is hand-marbled with sparkles in it. But the coolest? I had my quilter put in their name and wedding date, plus a 'much love from Aaron and Cece' in it:

Cool? No?

I was happy to see Monday today. It was a great weekend, but I'm glad to have the kids under someone else care for a bit, sit down and relax (physically). Of course, work is still freaking out, but at least they need me, right?


Kristin said...

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Good! I am glad you are having a time of wins!

I love the quilt! LOVE! It looks great. And I will definitely need to be seeing a picture of you in the red dress.

BrandiH said...

Glad to heat everything went so great! I love the quilt! What a great and personal quilt.

~Shari said...

Oh I am so excited that your red dress arrived. Please, please, please post us some photos!!

And - that quilt is to die for. I love it! I am looking for a fun quilt for photo sessions for picnics. I know if I was getting married and I got this quilt as a gift... I would no doubt pass out! What a very nice gift for the new couple.

Carrie27 said...

Yep, we all want to see pictures of you rocking your red dress.

I knew the part would be a success, phew!