Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mom's weekend leftovers

Ah yes. Back to work after 4 days off. I started the mini-vacation by taking the kids to the cabin by myself Thursday night, met Aaron at the wedding Saturday, and then headed off Sunday, without kids. for 2 nights.

  • I will start out by saying that portable DVD players are AWESOME. We never had these types of things when I was a kid, so I thought they were stupid. ‘My kids can just READ in the car’ I would say. But, then I got one for cheap from a friend and I used it for the first time on the drive to the cabin. The kids loved it. And it was an added bonus to have with us when we had 2 full days of rain at the cabin. Only used it once, but it was a lifesaver when I was tryingt o get ready for the wedding and couldn’t send them outside to play.

  • Both kids were GREAT at the cabin. They slept well, had fun exploring... and we really had a great time.

  • They share a room there - Maggie in a crib and Cam in a 'big boy bed' and it works out perfect.

  • Although, my mom makes me nervous in that all she does is talk about all these people that are ‘awful’. I asked if she liked ANYONE at one point, and she said 'I only really have trouble with 6 people'. She sure takes up a lot of her energy venting about those 6 people, though.

  • Saturday, I stressed about getting the kids to nap early so they'd be ready for the wedding. What a disaster. First, they wouldn't sleep, and then when they finally did, I had to wake them up to get ready for the wedding. Maggie cried from the point I woke her up until we got to the wedding 1.5 hours later. Which. Was. Awful.

  • Surprisingly, once we got to the wedding, she was happy and sweet and we were able to stay until 8:30.

  • The wedding was beautiful and it was great to see Aaron's best friend get married and hang out with people we rarely get to see.

  • I had this whole long speech I wanted to give but I started talking and panicked. Which I totally regret. I should have written it down. I still plan on just writing everything I wanted to say and sending it to him.

  • Sunday was a day of rest for us. But Aaron was crabby and I was crabby and let's just say THANK GOD I had a little retreat planned for myself.

  • After bedtime, my friend Tara and I drove up to Loon Mountain where her MIL has a timeshare, and we had the most wonderful time. We got a little drunk, slept in, went for a mini-hike at the top of the mountain, relaxed, got massages, got a little drunk again, and played cards.

  • Got up earlish this morning, drove to work with minimal traffic and I feel like a new woman.

Note to self: don't wait 2.5 years to have my next night away from the kids.


Megan said...

So glad you got some time to yourself! We went to a wedding this weekend too...but after a week of craziness with my family, we only lasted until 7:15 before both kiddos completely wore us out... boo!

BrandiH said...

What a great little trip you had!

HereWeGoAJen said...

What is it about napping under pressure? I'm not even kidding, Elizabeth would NEVER nap when I really needed her too.

I'm glad you had a great time!