Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Help - hair advice needed! Poll on blog!

Hi all! I need hair help in a huge way. I basically have long hair that I wear pulled back every single day. And I know it looks awful and I need to do something better. So tomorrow, I'm off for a foil and a cut. I haven't gotten a color in over 10 years, and my last hair cut was July 4th weekend last year. If I'm going to do it, I want it to be a change. A good change. But would like some feedback from my dear blog buddies.

This picture shows the disaster that is my current hair situation. See below? On the left, the 'right' haircut for a round face. On the right, what I do every day.

So, we see that change is sorely needed, if even this lady who obviously spends more than 5 minutes getting ready looks awful with a ponytail. So here are my options. Please remember that I currently get out of bed and ready to go for the day in 5-10 minutes. So I don't want something that will take me FOREVER to accomplish.

ETA: I do have a small bit of natural wave to my hair, especially if I let it dry naturally.

Picture one, long layers

Picture two, long bob

Picture three, long layer again, but different

Please help me decide! I'm freaking out about maybe cutting it short - but I need to stop pulling it back all the time!


~Shari said...

Do you have any natural curl to your hair?

HereWeGoAJen said...

My rule is that I have to put my hair down when I leave the house but I can wear it up at home. And I am not always good about following that, but I usually do after a haircut.

Amanda said...

As someone who recently chopped ALL of her hair off for the same reason (long hair into a ponytail all the time), I feel your pain/ dilemma. Fortunately, pixie cut works for me! As for your style, it's a tough call. Long, silky hair looks its longest, silkiest best if it's blow dried. (nooooo!)
What happens to your hair if you put a little product in it, and tousle it for 3 minutes under a diffuser? Will you get that cute, layered, piece-y look, or will it just look stringy and gel filled?

My gut reaction is to go with something in between #1 and #2... layered, but not quite as long as in the first picture.

Cece said...

~shari - I've got a bit of natural wave, but it's so long and heavy, it's doesn't show much.

serenity said...

I'm with Amanda. I cut off all my hair because it was in a ponytail all the time. SO much easier.

My BFF J has naturally wavy hair and she cut it like #2. All she does it put some product in her hair and lets it dry naturally. Looks great and it's too short to pull back, which forces her to work with it down.

Sara said...

#2. It's cute, easy peasy to take care of, and uou will love it. The others will take more care/management, and you'll probably resort to just pulling them up...

It Is What It Is said...

As someone who also has a round face and long hair, I will say that what looks best is long layers that frame the face.

Hands down the person with a round face and an odds-on great cut is Rachel Ray.

Just know that whatever you do, it will require styling so make sure whoever cuts it shows you (and has you) style it. Know what products you need.

~Shari said...

Even with a little natural curl to your hair I think that any of the 3 styles will work.

Just a little gel and a scrunch with the natural wave/curl you will be good to go.