Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Cameron is doing this REALLY annoying thing of thinking it's HILARIOUS to run away from me. Yesterday, he did it at daycare and I grabbed him. He somehow managed to hit my toenail with his shoe and rip it off. I. Can. Not. Explain. The. Pain.

  • This morning, he used that SAME toe to stand on to help him get into the car. AUUUGH.

  • The block party prep is in full force, and there is a small chance things have gotten away from me. The other two women who are helping me plan aren't going to be around the hours before it starts... and I'm getting nervous.

  • There is going to be a bounce house, games for the little kids, face painting, temporary tattoos, grills, a wiffle ball game, a bocce tournament, a band, water balloons, scavenger hunt, limbo contest, a fire pit.....

  • Shit. Now that I've listed it all out I'm freaking out.

  • Work also sucks this week

  • I'm planning a mom's getaway next Sunday - Tuesday. There will be sleeping in, earplugs, alcohol, massages and no kids for 36 hours. I need it.

  • And Father's day is this weekend! Aaron doesn't want to do anything, but we are planning on going to the Collings Foundation to see the airplanes.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Elizabeth slammed the door on my foot last week. Not as bad as a toenail, but seriously, I had no idea how much I used my foot.

You can do it! The block party sounds like it is going to be great.

Sukey said...

I'm really excited for the party! Is there a cut-off height/age for the bouncy castle? You know me...

Carrie27 said...

OUCH!!! I broke one of my little toes this week and of course these little children have been jumping and bumping into it every single day.

The block party will be great, it's all about fun, not perfection.