Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm too excited about Groupon

They say that finding a good deal is as great as good sex. I'm not so sure about that, but I have been in a rather good mood over the past great deals I've gotten on Groupon. If you don't do Groupon, you totally should.

Just this past week I've gotten two awesome deals. First was $45 for 6 meals at Dream Dinners. Where I go every single month to make my food. That normally would have cost me $70. Sweet! I must have re-read the fine print 100 times to be sure that existing customers could use that deal. Which we could - hurrah!

Perhaps you remember that I took Mom to the Red Sox for Mother's Day. Since then, Cam has been talking about going to a BASEBALL GAME! "Daddy take me?". So I was looking around for a minor league game to go to - since I work in Lowell, I really only knew of the Lowell Spinners. But then, on Groupon, there was a deal for $14 for 2 VIP tickets plus 2 baseball hats with the Worcester Tornadoes. So I got that, figuring Aaron could take him one night. Of course, I screwed up and bought it twice. I tried to call the 1-800 number to get a refund, and was on hold for forever so just gave up. The groupon said to call a phone number to reserve your tickets... and when I called, the guy was like, um - that was a mistake. Just show up with your groupon the day of the game, we usually don't sell out.

Yeah. Can you envision that? Cam, wanna go to a baseball game with Daddy!? Oh, too bad buddy, they sold out. That would go over AWESOME.

So he told me I could also come to the corporate offices, and pick up the tickets there. I did that last night, and I was joking around with the guy - saying that 4 baseball hats was a bit much (hoping he would maybe give us a tee shirt or something instead) and he told me that if we went to the June 13th game - which was when I was planning on going - the baseball hats they had ordered for this deal wouldn't be in yet, so they were going to give out 2 more free tickets! Love it. So I've gotten 6 tickets for $28 (plus 2 baseball hats).

I just love a good deal. Love it.


HereWeGoAJen said...

I think the deal today on the Atlanta Groupon is $10 for $20 at Old Navy. I'm going to buy it.

Carrie27 said...

It is a great site, but I haven't been able to purchase anything yet, but I know it will happen some day.

Deborah said...

I just bought the Old Navy groupon today! Yay! I desperately need summer clothes.