Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here I am! New Cece!

Well, not really new. This picture is taken at the office, after a rather harrowing morning (details after the picture). I ended up going with a shoulder length long layer cut. And a FULL foil - which thankfully Aaron didn't even notice and I think looks pretty natural and brightens me up a lot.

Yesterday I also went to the mall and got new bras (I needed a strapless one for my red dress, and once you try on a new bra, they are like potato chips, you can't have just one) and also got new foundation and some white eye shadow. That was a tip I got from Cecily, and figured I could give it a try. AND I got my eyebrows waxed. So this morning, I was ready to face the day - new hair, shaped brows, make-up and uplifted boobs!

This morning was a good test of my new routine. If by good, you mean MORNING FROM HELL. But I digress. Tonight, after work, I want to go straight to the cabin. So last night I got the car mostly packed, and took a shower (but didn't wash my hair). I woke up this morning, brushed out my hair, quickly washed my face and did makeup and got the kids. And this is of course where things started going south.

Cam is SUPER excited for the cabin. He apparently thinks we are going fishing. So he was up and out of bed and ready to go. Packing up his bag with his binkie and his blankets and books.... while I was getting Maggie dressed. Maggie then wanted to be held. While I was trying to dress Cam and get everyone downstairs PLUS the big bag with every single blankie, stuffed animal, book and pillow Cam could fit in. So she was at my heels crying UP UP UP UP - which was a nice touch.

Then I got downstairs, and realized that I didn't have a decent 'car' supper to fed them - so we would have to swing my the grocery store. Have I mentioned I can't get Maggie to stop crying? THEN I remember that someone is coming to pick up the music table I'm selling, but of course it's raining and I'm leaving it outside, so I need to figure that out too.

Get downstairs (in about three trips with all the baggage), with Maggie crying the entire time - to see that one of my tires is low. It's hot and muggy, so I'm sweating. And running around in the rain trying to pump up my tires... and I finally get everything set, in the car (Maggie has stopped crying, thank the gods) and we are off.

So, that picture is after sleeping on the hair and just brushing it out, sweating on the makeup, walking around in the rain.... and I think it's a success!


serenity said...

LOVE it, Cece. You look pretty darn awesome.

And OMG I feel the same way about bras. How I spent years buying $10 ones from Target and not the uplifters I wear now, I'll never know. But onward - will not look back. :)


kate said...

love the hair! you'd never know you just had the morning from hell :)

~Shari said...

Oh I really like your new do. The coloring is beautiful.

Wow - to say the least - uhhh you really did have a morning from Hell!

Enjoy the cabin!

Carrie27 said...

LOL! It is so hard to ever get a great pictures of a new haircut, because something always happens to mess it up.

I hope you enjoy your cabin stay!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Ooh, I love the new hair. Very nice and very you.

Heather said...

I love the new length and color!

And eesh, those mornings do suck. Some days I'm just SO happy to get to my desk and sip coffee in peace and quiet - even with the pile of work waiting for me.