Friday, December 21, 2007

Freaking snow

Now, I'm not one to complain about the snow... I live in New England because I love it. But WILL complain about it when it forces my 1 PM D&C, which I was NOT happy to be getting in the first place, to be delayed until 5:30. We left the hospital at 7 PM.

The procedure itself was no big deal - but it was the first time that I've gotten a tube down my throat during surgery - and that is what is sore today - nothing else. The big deal was the not eating for almost 16 hours, dehydrated headache, and listening to all the people in the waiting room whine and complain about the delays. I was crying on and off with frustration, mostly.

The good news was the doc I had was the same doc as my ET - and I like her a lot - she was very sweet. And now I'm feeling fine. I got a blood HCG to see that the levels are down to zero - if they aren't I needed to get more blood drawn to watch them go down.

**Breaking news bulletin***. Today is supposed to be an EASIER day! As I was sitting here typing, and I could hear water running! All over the bathroom. And as we were mopping everything else, our dog decided to pee everywhere (pay attention to me, Ma!). AUGH! Aaron just drove out to get a snake to fix it. Christ.

Tonight, my MIL is visiting. This is the woman that knows what I'm going through because it took her 3 months to get pregnant once. And now she is told Aaron that she's also had a D&C (do you get those is you haven't had a miscarriage? I don't think so).We were supposed to go down to Westport, MA to pick her up (1.5 hour drive) but I told Aaron to use the pity card - and his brother is driving her here instead. So, I still have to deal with her, but only for a quick overnight, and then my Mom is here until the day after Christmas.

I have some fun new things to share with you, but don't want to throw it at the bottom of that whining post!


Samantha said...

Sorry it's been so rough. D&C, dog pee, and plumbing all make for a bad combo.

My mom has had to have several D&Cs to clear out fibroids that were causing abnormal and very heavy bleeding. That's only cause I know of, other than miscarriage.

Meghan said...

Sorry you were delayed 4 hours, that sounds horrible.

And doubly sorry about the MIL visit (they do do d&c for other reasons, my mom has had a bunch for pre-cancerous cells in her uterus) It's still very different from the emotions surrounding a miscarriage...she should not be making any comparisons

Baby Deux! said...

Well that is all crappy stuff but I am happy your mom is coming! Hopefully she will help "make everything better."

I still think about you everyday.

Big Hugs!!!

lyra's mom said...

I'm still thinking about you guys a lot. After this crappy week you better be in for a great Christmas. It can't get much worse, so i hope you have many sunny days ahead. By the way all these challenges will make you an amazing mother so try and keep that in mind.

Schatzi said...

Oh man. I have been MIA for the last few weeks and so I am a little late to the game. But I am so sorry. So, so sorry.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad the procedure went smoothly for you...sorry about that nasty throat tube (I didn't have that with my D&C). I hope your doing okay given the circumstances...sorry you've got to deal with the not-so-sensitive MIL...mine is similar - after my 2nd m/c she actually told me "third time's a charm" as her way to comfort me...bitch!

Sounds like a little visit from your Mom may be just what you need right now!


amysue said...

Sorry you have to endure the MIL visit and i hope she behaves. While I've had more d+cs than I care to remember, they aren't the same as getting one after a loss.

I'm glad they protected your airway though I know it feels a little yucky after.

Have as good a week end as you can.

bethkyle said...

i have been out of the loop for a few weeks...and i just wanted to say that i am sorry and that i am sending good thoughts your way...

Mr. & Mrs. M@sk said...

I've been absent in blogland and was devastated to read you news. So sorry, thinking of you xoxo

Bside- Kenya said...

I don't know what a "d&c" is but your MIL visiting seems to hit home more. Poor thing..