Monday, December 31, 2007


Hey Gang! Sorry I've been out of touch for so long, but Aaron got the new hardwood floor installed in our new room. It's attached to the office, so using the computer has been pretty toxic for the past week or so. But - it's exciting that another big part of that room is finished. Of course, once this room is done - an even BIGGER remodel will be underway... I'm just not thinking about that right now.

Christmas was pretty good. We didn't go to overboard with the presents, but each got some things we were excited to receive. My mom visited, and as I said in my last post, she was pretty tiring to have as a guest. She isn't one to just sit and relax, I'm sure you all know the type. And, she has been listening to 'advice' from people she works with - talking to me about 'just relaxing' and stuff like that. I didn't get mad with her - she really is at a loss for what to say to me at this point.

The final shitty thing of the year is that my maternal grandmother passed away on Sunday morning. We weren't very close to begin with, but about 15 years ago, my mother and her had a falling out and some pretty horrible things were said to my mother. She isn't the type to forgive and forget, so she 'divorced' herself from her mother. They haven't spoke since. And I, because I felt like I had to support my mother, didn't either. My grandmother wasn't a very loving or warm person, so it wasn't a huge loss. But I did know that it still bothered my mom, because she was always telling my stuff she heard about her mom from her cousins... she pretended like she didn't care but she did. When she called me to tell her that she died, I asked if she wanted to go to the funeral. She said she didn't, and then she started crying. So, we've arranged for a private viewing on Weds so she can say goodbye but not have to see the part of the family that was so cruel to her.

NO matter what, it's never easy to learn that your mother has died.

I've been battling a pretty bad cold for the past few days (what a fun vacation, let me tell you) - but looking forward to a fun New Year's eve party at my friend's house tonight. They have the game Rock Band for Xbox 360 - and it's SUPER fun. We are going to dress up like rock stars and everything.


Meghan said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Sounds like a fun NYE party!

CresceNet said...

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maryellenandsteve said...

I am so sorry about your grandmother. Enjoy your party tonight!

Bside- Kenya said...

Wow so sorry to hear about your grandmother. My mom and my grandmother couldn't stand each other but losing your mom makes you regret ever not speaking to her. I hope that your mom decides to go ans say goodbye.

missionimpossibleinfertile said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandmother.

Wishing you the best in '08 (of course)