Sunday, December 2, 2007


I've come to a sort of peace (kind of). There is not one thing that I can do to change tomorrow's ultrasound. It will be what it will be. Aaron and I have done everything just as the doctor told us, and so far, so good. Tomorrow at 1:30, I'll find out what is going on inside... and that is both exciting and scary. And, like Aaron told me before he left tonight - no matter what happens - we are going to be OK.

Not saying I won't cry if things aren't as we hope... but I know that I'll be OK. I certainly wish that I had him by my side for everything - but I've got a pretty great 'stand-in'... and I'm really hoping that all this worry is for naught.

I keep on reminding myself that my numbers were great. Everything looks good. The spotting is minimal. So, I'll keep on thinking good thoughts, and know that I have a huge support team out there putting out good, positive vibes too.

I promise to update when I get home tomorrow!


Geohde said...


I'm really hoping for you, you know that.


SummerTyme said...

de-lurking to say:

GAHHH!!! can I go too?!?!? I promise i wont make a peep...i'll sit right here inthe corner and be really quiet!!! much? sorryaboutthat...i'm just so excited for you!!!


deborah said...

I hope you get excellent news tomorrow. I will be checking back often.

Ruth said...

I'll be refreshing like crazy ... thinking many good thoughts for you!!

Kate said...

I hope everything is ok!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Good luck today! I will be checking back for updates!