Friday, November 30, 2007

Where I'm at.

It's nice to be reassured with all my bloodwork going up as expected. If I poke around the Internet (you knew I couldn't resist) I find that in an IVF cycle there is up to a 4% chance of an ectopic. Of those that are ectopic, only 6.5% have normally rising HCG levels. So - that is a pretty damn small percentage... which helps to reassure me....

But, like I said the other day, I knew I couldn't just relax once I got that good third beta. I need to see the little guy(s)! And that means another few days of waiting. Since Aaron will be out of town, I've lined up a friend to take me. She is a fellow IFer (who now has 2 beautiful children) and has been though it all. She is being really great and optimistic with me, but totally understands why I don't want to go alone, and is willing to stay in Boston with me if need be until Aaron (or my mother) can drive in to be with me. I really really really hope it doesn't happen.

The spotting has decreased a lot. The spotting went like this - Thanksgiving afternoon - red and more than what I would define as spotting (but definitely NOT full flow). That ended by Friday evening. Saturday - Weds, if there was any spotting, it was brown. Weds afternoon - Thursday, a bit more of the red, but not as heavy as the first time. And now, we are back to brown. I don't have any cramps associated with this, and like I've said before, my nurse assures me it normal.

Tonight is my first shot free evening! Aaron is working overnight tonight, so I plan on sitting and catching up with my DVR and relaxing. Think good thoughts for Monday, gals.


Meghan said...

So so glad the spotting has died down. Maybe that red spotting was some late implantation???

Good luck making it to Monday, I'm so glad you've got someone going with you that understands

Geohde said...

Good luck monday hon, I'll be haunting your blog for good news,

....and the worry never really stops, but you know that,



Mr. & Mrs. M@sk said...

Good thoughts for Monday! xo