Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Transfer Scheduled

Looks like we are doing a Day 3 transfer. I'm scheduled at 12:30 tomorrow!

I was able to to talk to my nurse last night, and she said that my blood pregnancy test was schedule for the 23rd - and was that going to work for me? I asked if it would be ok to push it to Weds morning - so I would know one way or the other before Thanksgiving. She said that would be fine. And if (hopefully!!!!) it's positive, they usually like you to come in 2 days later for a retest... but said I could just wait until Monday (the 26th).

I'm still a little in denial that I'm finally going through all this! I feel really calm and totally not freaked out. Of course, I don't have the little guys back in me yet. Maybe tomorrow will be totally different. Who knows.

I find out tomorrow how many they will transfer - I think I'll take Mary Ellen's advice and not let them do more than 2! My plan for the next few day is to just hang out and relax. My clinic suggested 'chair' rest for 2 days, so I'll work from home on Friday, and take it nice and easy on the weekend. I even have Monday off work (Veteran's Day) so that gives them a good 5 days to get nice and comfortable.

And the final little bit of good news? My first PIO shot last night was no biggie at all. Didn't feel the needle, didn't have pain after, no bruise or bump this morning. Perhaps this is a benefit to an 'ample' behind?


Kate said...

Good luck!!

JJ said...

Best of luck with the transfer! Glad the 1st PIO shot wasnt too bad=)

Meghan said...

Glad that first shot went well. Good luck tomorrow. And I'm so glad they were able to move your beta up for you!

Tracy said...

CeCe! I didn't realize you were blogging, too? Or maybe I did and just didn't "get it." Anyway, you know I'm wishing you luck tomorrow...will be thinking about you.

Geohde said...

I hope that the transfer leads to good things, soon.



Baby Step said...

WOW - 8 is a great number. I agree, 2 at a time. That is what I am going to do! Good luck, can't wait to hear what happens at ET!

serenity said...

WOO HOO! Just catching up - love the fert report - and GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! I agree with ME to transfer no more than two - esp. for your first cycle.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

Baby Deux? said...

I am not at the IVF stage...yet, but I think 2 sounds like a great number. Good luck to you today!!!