Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Today is my favorite kind of day

It's cold, blustery and raining. I absolutely love days when I can hear the rain hitting the roof. Just something about the sound of rain that I love. Ever hear the expression 'right as rain'?.

I'm working from home today. I was thinking that I would go in, but the extra hour of sleep I get when I don't have to look pretty/commute was really needed! I was somewhat nervous for yesterday's ER, but more for the surgery part and less for the actual fear of not getting any eggs. I knew I had at least 9, and I was totally happy with that number. I was more nervous of having the same reaction as I did after my ACL surgery - where I threw up for 3 hours after I woke up. And that didn't happen! Hurrah!

I'm at peace with the cycle. My hopes are WAY up that it will work - but I'm also encouraged that we got a decent number of eggs, and soon enough, we'll know how many fertilized. The only sticky part of this whole deal is that my blood pregnancy test is schedule for Thanksgiving. Guess we'll just see how that goes! We are planning on visiting Aaron's family for Thanksgiving - and they live on an island! So - either my clinic will draw blood for me on Thanksgiving day, or I'm going to have to wait a heck of a lot longer than I want to get my results!

I promise to update when I get my fert report.


Schatzi said...

Congrats on your great retrieval results! Here's hoping for a great fert report.

JJ said...

Sorry I am behind on catching up with you--but that is GREAT about the ER! And I cant wait for the fert report--fingers crossed for you!

mary ellen said...

I am just catching up. Congrats on your awesome retrieval. Hope that the fert report is good too!