Thursday, November 1, 2007


Hope everyone had a great Halloween. In my neighborhood - it's usually a bit of a show. We live on a 'horseshoe' so lots of people from the town will drive their kids over, drop them on one end of the street and wait for them on other. I know a lot of IFers hate Halloween, since it's such a kid-centric holiday, but we always have a blast. We sit in our front yard, with a fire pit blazing, and eat ribs from the grill and smores. Yum.

I went in this morning for another round of blood work and u/s - and just like last time, I'll update when I find out this afternoon. The u/s tech can't really tell me what she sees, but she did say that she'd see me tomorrow - which I can only assume means that I have some large follies! I'm hoping that the other ones are catching up. Although 4 is the minimum for an IVF cycle, and I know I have at least 4, I'd like to have extra, you know?!

Even though I don't really know anything, I'm guessing that my ER will be this weekend....

In other TMI news.... my nether regions have been rather dry lately. I had heard from Geohde to expect this, but since it didn't happen on the Clomid, I wasn't expecting it to happen on the follistim. Well, it happened. And it's weird and uncomfortable, to say the least. But today? I'm seeing fertile CM, and therefore nervous that I'm going to ovulate on my own. They check for that stuff right? Or should I talk to my nurse about it when she calls?


mary ellen said...

I wouldn't worry about the CM. It happened to me with every IVF cycle. I think that it is the elevated e2.

Samantha said...

Don't worry at all about the EWCM, as your E2 rises, that's typical, but the lu.pron will prevent any premature ovulation.

serenity said...

Ditto the others. I always had EWCM with my IVF cycles and never ovulated early.

Mmmmmmm ribs and smores... next Halloween I'm TOTALLY coming to your place. :)

Geohde said...

Fertile CM by this point of stims = normal.

You start dry, as your ovaries have been bashed into submission by the Lupron, so you have no E2.

Then, as the follistim takes effect, you get follies, and hence estrogen. ANd feel less like a raving madwoman with a dry vagina (at least in my case). :)

If you're taking Lupron, you're very unlikely to ovulate before retrieval, but I'll be you're clinic keep an eye on that with your bloods.