Saturday, November 10, 2007

Blog Cross Pollination!

OK, this a little late (we got confused with the whole date thing), but without further ado, my post for blog cross-pollination! Take a guess who it really is in the comments, and find my real post for the day (AFTER you guess) here.

Good Times

If all my embryo's were frozen at day 2 and are then thawed the day before an FET I assume that would make them 3 day embryo's at transfer? Either way whether I am 14DPO or 15DPO I am out. Today's test was snow white. I didn't feel pregnant and it was the result I was expecting. I did it more for the sake of David who is hanging out for Monday's blood test results. I prefer to test beforehand so I can prepare myself for that phone call and already have a plan to discuss for the next cycle.

After making what we were told were 11 beautiful looking embryos I really thought that we would be pregnant by the end of this year. That it would be a Christmas I could finally enjoy. We now have one last attempt before our clinic closes down for the holidays and we are forced to have a break. If my Dr. isn't open to changes for 2008 I am going to be looking for a new FS. I am going to push for a x2 transfer for my last 2007 attempt and in the new year I am going to give these hormone replacement therapy cycles the flick in exchange for a Clomid/FET.

I guess I will be back with an update after Mondays meltdown :D

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Geohde said...

Mystery Blogger,

I am so very sorry.

A x 2 FET isn't unreasonable given the low 'stick' rate for frozen embryos, and the fact that it costs exactly the same to up your chances by t/f 2. Besides, they're *your* embryo's, they can't tell you no.

You know that I ditched the last HRT cycle, and I'll never do one again. Just awful. Expensive awful mess. Doesn't even count as a cancellation b/c I got to transfer. Urgh.

For OI they prefer to do FSH rather than CLomid (because clomid can thin the endometrium), but either way, it's not a bad alternative to try.

I feel your sorrow. I thought that with so many embryos, I'd be pregnant by now, too :(