Friday, November 9, 2007

My Lucky Penny

So, this whole 2WW after the transfer is going to be pretty brutal, huh? Yesterday, I had the afterglow of the transfer (2 perfect embies! Hurrah!). Today, I'm googling 'IVF success rates with 8 cells and 9 cells'. I've been in the 2WW after treatment before - but it's been over a year! I'm out of practice.

The one thing that I have going for me this cycle that I didn't have in my last medicated cycles (well, besides the whole IVF thing) is that I have a lucky penny. When I was a little girl, anytime I found a penny, I would throw it in my right shoe - my mom told me that would bring me luck. Later, I amended that to pennies that were found 'heads' up - a boyfriend told me that picking up one that was 'tails' up was bad luck.

On Monday, which was day 7 on stims, the day after I found I wasn't responding as my doc would have liked, I was walking to my car after work, and there it was. Right in the middle of the walkway - where everyone else in my office building must walk to get to their cars. A heads up penny. I picked it up and threw it in my right shoe.

I had it with me in the room for my subsequently better u/s, and then stuck it in my bra for the egg retrieval. Yesterday, when Aaron and I were undressing for the transfer, I was pulling the penny out of my shoe and stuffing it in my bra. He caught what I was doing out of the corner of my eye, and questioned what I was doing. I told him the penny story. He asked if he could hold the penny for me in his right shoe during the transfer (PS - don't you love it how he doesn't think I'm insane?).

There it is. The secret weapon in my arsenal. Forget about the 13 eggs retrieved, 8 fertilized, And the 2 perfect embryos put back in. It's that lucky penny that is going to work the magic for us.

Only 13 more sleeps until my BPT.

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