Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Things I wish I had

1. A 'before' picture of my nipples to compare to (I know this is weird. Whatever. I am weird). Right now I just keep asking Aaron if they look darker.
2. I wish I was temping so I could obsess properly on that front (although - do temps means anything with such a medicated cycle?).
3. To not have my pregnancy test to be over a holiday weekend. I wish it were on either the Monday before or after.
4. The exact percentage chance that I have of this working based on woman with my stats (32 years old, unexplained infertility, prior ectopic pregnancy).

Oh - and I went back to my FF chart and saw that I had breast tenderness on my chart with my ectopic pregnancy at 12 DPO - so I'll start obsessing about that towards the end of the week...

Good times.


serenity said...

This probably doesn't help, BUT. With every one of my medicated cycles, I had the tender boobs. Combination of the trigger shot working its way out of my system and the progesterone.

And #2 wouldn't really be applicable either - your temps would be super high from the progesterone too.

Though obviously I can't give you exact percentages... I think you have a really good shot at this working, CeCe.

I have my fingers and toes crossed for you and Aaron both!!!

Hang in there!!!!


Geohde said...

No temping is not all that helpful in IVF, given you know what you're giving yourself and when 'ovulation' is etc. But I did it anyway ;)


Baby Deux? said...

I swear you are my long lost "infertility freak out" twin! I am a bigger train wreck than you if that makes you feel any better. :o)

The nipple one cracked me up though because I honestly thought about that last night!!!!

Temping is just one more way to drive yourself insane, step away from the thermometer. I haven't done any heavier meds than Clomid (yet) so I don't know of any effects it would have.

Oh yeah, and I POAS today and OF COURSE it was negative...what the heck else would it be at 9dpo? So what does a girl do? Goes to Target at lunch and buys 2 more EPTs for tomorrow and Thursday. I was ashamed after.

Meghan said...

I'm going to start getting in trouble at work. I laughed out loud (almost spit out my drink) at your first point. Mostly because now that you mention it, I really want a 'before' pic ;)

Baby Step said...

Hang in there Cece! Not too much longer!

amysue said...

Cece: Tried Calling but you weren't at the cell and I lost the home #.

Step away from the EPT;s and stop feeling yourself up!! That's Aaron's job!

I know how it feels and I have every possible religion covered in the prayer department. If necessary Noah and I will go to the Cambodian monks in Lowell and make an offering this week-end!

Take care and btw thanks for the link to the Drive-Thru. I just bought it.

olivegirl said...

Hang in there. But I'm useless in the two week wait, so why am I giving such lame advice!

mary ellen said...

Fingers and toes are crossed for you!