Monday, December 10, 2007

Random Thoughts

I did call my nurse. She makes the following good points:
1. There is nothing they could actually do if I was having a miscarriage.
2. I'm not having major pain, so that is a good sign (hey Jo - it's like you are a doctor or something, you are just so smart)
3. I could come in for the u/s tomorrow, but it would be on an emergency basis. Which means I'd sit there and wait for hours until they could fit me in.

Since Rational Cece is in the house, and points 1 - 3 make it seem a bit silly to go in and waste hours when I have a 8:45 u/s appointment for the next day... I'm waiting. Come on Wedsday... and bleeding? You can stop anytime now. Seriously.

Other random points:
- I cleaned out my desk for the first time in years. I found 25 euros from my honeymoon. Sweet! Now I need to get them exchanged for cold hard American cashola.
- Our Christmas tree is up and beautiful. Probably our best yet. Not to tall, not to wide.... and it looks great.
- I received my Christmas CD from JJ. Damn that gal can sing! I would recommend that everyone rush over and buy one (and help fund her baby making!)
- I've lost a bunch of subscribers on bloglines. Perhaps people are pissed that I'm whining so much and can't just be happy I'm pregnant? Sorry - I'll work on that. Or maybe it's the swearing.
- I finally gave into my first craving. Doritos. Oh how I love you and your cheesy, orangie, salty wonderfulness.


Meghan said...

Very impressed that you're thinking rationally. I'll have everything crossed for you the next few days!

Chris said...

Keep breathing, and I'll keep holding a good thought for you.

Geohde said...

Admiring rational Cece......(from irrational Geohde!)

Samantha said...

Rational thinking, I hope it gets you through the next days. And I really, really hope everything's okay.

amysue said...

Yay rational thinking!!! Boo stress and worry! I'l be thinking of you when I'm gone and hope all goes well. Perhaps you could transition from Doritos to nice, bright orange, cheese doodles.

Baby Step said...

Gawd, I missed a couple of days, and boy did I miss a lot. I am glad the spotting stopped and YES, I have heard of that kind of hematoma. I had a friend who bled so heavily from one that she was certain she was having a m/c, she went to the ER and everything -- but now she is well along in her 7th month of a healthy pregnancy. So, let's think positive! Holding my breath (and crossing all fingers) until Wednesday.

Morrisa said...

You make a lot of good points. Hopefully everything is okay. I am still here and reading your blog and praying for this little one inside you!

Baby Deux! said... know what is strange. I LOVE them, but cannot stand the smell of them on someone's breath! I won't go near my hubby when he has eaten them. BARF!

you'd make a great mom said...

This is like counting down the hours to Christmas morning when you were a kid. Only 23 hours to go. Can't wait to see the new baby pics (you get some with the u/s, right?) and the new tree!

serenity said...

That's about the best you can do. Talk yourself out of the anxiety and wait and see.

Hugs. Hang in there. I've got everything crossed for you!!!

mmmmmmmm doritoes.


Susan said...

About your drop in subscribers... I started reading your blog in the iui days. I was thrilled to find you because I was going through iui at the time too and somehow reading your posts made me feel less alone. Now I am embarking on my first IVF cycle. I am thrilled you succeeded, but in the same breath, I am sad that I can no longer relate. I so desperately want to be right there with you, but I'm not, yet. I'm still reading. I just wanted to offer some insight into why others might not be. It's not the swears - they're funny. It's the sadness of being left behind.

Fingers crossed for oodles of good news tomorrow!