Thursday, February 12, 2009

Annoying things and good things

Last night, Hulk was super fussy for Grandma. I walked to my Aunt's house from ours (3.5 miles). It took a good hour to get there, and he was totally fine. While I was there, he was also fine... maybe a bit fussy, but no more than usual. I arrived at around 5 - changed his diaper around 5:30. We left at 7, and he was sleeping. When we picked him up, they said he didn't sleep for more than 30 minutes - which is weird because he usually takes a nice long nap in the evening. They also said that he woke up covered in sweat. They thought he was having a reaction to the shots that morning. I think that was part of it - but they also were holding him all wrapped up in a blanket in a pretty warm room (that always makes him sweat) and when we got home? He had a five pound pee diaper. I was annoyed - because they obviously hadn't changed him - and wouldn't you be pissed if you hadn't had a new diaper for 4 hours!? Jesus.

They did go out and get him baby Tylenol, which I think was a good thing. His little arm is certainly sore today after those shots. Aaron and I gave him a dose last night before bed and he slept a good 7 hours. I gave him another dose this morning, and he seems much less upset. I'll be taking Jen's advice, and giving him a dose BEFORE his 4 month shots for sure.

The good thing from yesterday? I went out and got the Baby Aveeno lotion for his dry skin (the doc said that the Johnson and Johnson's one actually drys out little baby's skin) and overnight he face is visibly less dry! It's awesome!


Jen said...

Why they don't put in a baby book somewhere the idea of giving tylenol before the shots is beyond me :)

And why on earth do grandparents always believe a baby is too cold no matter how warm it is?

Brandy said...

I actually can't believe I'm about to do this but please pardon me while I spew ass-vice.

I have read in a few places, and would be happy to find the referenecs if you are in any way interested (and if you're not that's COMPLETELY fine too) that acetominophen/tylenol when given in conjunction with vaccinations has been linked to the autism issues that people are concerned about. Apparently Motrin/ibuprofen has not had that same link associated. I didn't even read this until it was time for Aiden's 12-month shots but when I did read it I started using the Motrin on the day of and the few days after if he still needed it. Of course for all of the previous shots he had Tylenol and was just fine with no reactions whatsoever that I could tell but I guess I thought if it was one thing I could do while still getting the vaccinations then it was worth it. That and the ibuprofen actually seems to last my little ones longer than the tylenol but of course that part is definitely an individual thing.

Okay, again please ignore all ass-vice as such if you're totally offended and just chalk it up to one mom sharing something with another mom without any agenda or want of making you take the advice (if that makes any sense!!). :-)

Deborah said...

I do think that generation really had it grilled into them to keep a baby wrapped up all the time. I don't know why, because my baby (like yours) cries when he has that many layers. And gets sweaty. It's so silly.

Jen said...

Elizabeth doesn't sleep as well when she's being held by grandparents. Ours poke at her and talk to her while she's sleeping. And I know I don't sleep well when I am being poked.

auraleighb said...

I have wondered many times over why doctors, or at least their nurses don't advise parents anymore to do this. When you show up, they are always pleased to find out that you have given the tylenol, but never tell parents in advance that this is a good idea. Additionally, an observation that having 5 children has shown is that a cool wash cloth helps wonders in the are that receives the shots. Don't let them hurry you afterwards, ask for the cloth, they DO have washcloths at the dr. office. Just let it sit there on the little legs for a few minutes after the bandaid is put on.

Sparkle Mommy said...

We use Baby Aquaphor Ointment from Eucrin I would highly recommend it.

Tobacco Brunette said...

My parents and grandparents are always wrapping Owen up in a million layers too. The kid is a human blast furnace, but they're always convinced that he's cold.

The pee diaper would annoy me, too.

I hope you had a nice evening out!