Monday, February 2, 2009

It had to happen

I was planning on writing and telling you all about this awesome thing I found in a nearby town. Every Monday, a local movie theater has baby friendly movies! Not movies FOR the babies. Movies for the MOMS. There are babies crying all over, and no one cares! We are watching a MOVIE. They vote on it each week, and then that movies' matinee on Monday is filled with moms with little babies. No toddlers... just tiny little ones. I got to see the Curious Case of Benjamin Button!

During the movie, Hulk produced a rather substantial poopy diaper. It was his 3rd of the day, too. But I didn't think anything of it. There was minimal pooping yesterday, so I figured he was maybe catching up. He was really fussy, so I fed him more of his bottle, and got him packed in the car seat. MUCH more fussing (very unlike him). I thought he was just tired. Got him to the car...and he spit up a little. So I started to wipe it up - and Jesus. It was like he was the girl in the exorcist! Who knew he could throw up with such volume and distance!* I was worried, but thought, hey... I'll call the doc, see what they say.

After being on hold for 15 god damn minutes, then losing the call, and then AGAIN being on hold for another 10 freaking minutes... I get through to the nurse. Who freaks me out by saying that they really worry about little ones that projectile vomit. And, it a stellar moment of parenting, I start crying. I know I couldn't really have prevented him from getting it - but he obviously caught it from me, and I felt awful. I did rally. The nurse called back - and said that if he threw up 2 more times, to call back. And to get some pedialyte on hand just in case we needed it. (I'm still unsure of what I would DO with the pedialyte.... why wouldn't he just drink formula?).

Thankfully, he hasn't thrown up again. And he's had 2 six ounce bottles since the throwing up occurred. He did have another round of diarrhea, but just the one time. I hope this isn't going to get any worse - but he had to get sick eventually, right?

*On a sidenote - another great thing about being the last in my circle to have a baby. I knew to have a total change of clothes for Hulk with me, and a towel in the car. I was able to remove his vomit covered clothes and the Bundle Me from the car seat, soak everything up with the towel and change him, so he didn't have to ride home wet and sitting in puke. Colleen - if you read this - something good DID come of that day Evan threw up on your trip to Northampton!


Fertilized said...

baby projectile vomiting has been the absolute weirdness thing I have seen thus far. I am so sorry you have been introduced to it also. I do hope that Hulk is feeling much better.

Tobacco Brunette said...

Just getting caught up with everyone...

I'm so jealous of that movie theater. I SO miss going to the movies, but I'm unwilling to be one of those people that will go see a flick in the adultworld and subject them to my kid's fussiness. I think I want to move to your town.

Sorry about the sickness. I would think homemade cookies would go bad, but Girl Scout cookies? I'd think those things would survive an apocalypse (and still be ridiculously tasty).

I hope Hulk is feeling better and he doesn't scare you anymore with his Exorcist act.

Oh, and we're on the same consumer wavelenght. I too am SO into those baby leg warmers (found them on a different site, tho) and just got a Bumbo seat.


amysue said...

Oh the memories!

Just so you know they can have projectile diarrhea as well, bith at the same time even!he pedialyte is to help keep them hydrated and their electrolytes ok if it's so severe they can't keep normal food or formula down. We always had it on hand. Infants can get dehydrated so easily so it's understandable you were worried.

I hope he's feeling better today!

emily said...

Looks like we're kind of in the same boat, what with the throw up and all. Hope you are all feeling better soon!

I just learned something myself... my mom used to put a sheet on the couch when we were sick. I always thought it was bc we would be laying there all day and it would be more comfortable and bed-like. HA! Since Natalie was sick on Friday and actually threw up on the couch, which left me wondering who do i call to clean the couch or do i just rip it apart and put it in the wash (which I did), I realized that the sheet was for easier clean up. DUH! I never did learn things well without first hand experience. :)

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

Baby C projectile vomited once and I still wonder if it really happened because it was like nothing I had ever seen. He then started to spit up alot and he's always had lots of gas so the Pediatrician put him on Zantac. It's really done the trick! It's worth considering if it happens again.....

Thanks for the tip about the theatre!!! Cool.idge Corner theatre in Brookl.ine does the same thing every-other Friday. I haven't been to one yet but I definitely plan on it. And now that I know that I have a place to go on Mondays, that's great! I took Baby C to a regular theatre today to see "Revolu.tionary Road" and it was a disaster. I think the surround sound and the fact that it was hot in there didn't help. He's seen movies at the Coolidge and the Community Theatre without problems. But I left the theatre today depressed that I would only have a chance to see a movie every other Friday - but now you have cheered me up!!! :-)