Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Overwhelmed? PMS? Who the hell knows

To more I think about going back to work, the more I think about how hard it is to get things done around here now. And I started getting totally overwhelmed. Aaron is better that about 99% of the husbands I know... but still - inside the house, I do more. He volunteers to help, but I usually just say I'll do it - that it's 'no problem'. And it usually isn't. But for whatever reason, today it is. The fact that I cook dinner, and do the dishes. It actually isn't so much the WASHING of the dishes, but the putting away of the dishes. Or I grocery shop. Or I pick up for the cleaning ladies. Or, when he is sitting and feeding Hulk, and I'm sitting trying to do something else - I hear "Mom!? Burp cloth?" And I run over and get him one. Sigh. See how silly the things that that are pissing me off?

There are loads of other things that are pissing me off right now, but I know a lot of it is wrapped up in the stress of going back to work. The fact that I know a bunch of people quit when I was gone. And the joy of working in banking, where things are totally stressed out.

And. I'm guess that I will be getting AF soon.



serenity said...

Trust me, you'll work it all out. J allowed me to do almost everything, even defaulted to me for parenting issues until I went back to work. It took a little bit of stress, but I'll tell you something. We do REALLY well now; it's more of an equal partnership.

Hang in there. Change is scary for everyone. But you, Aaron, and Hulk will do just fine.


Jennifer said...

Oh boy...that sounds like my a T!

My husband helps with Julian, but constantly needs me to do little things to help him when he's helping with Julian (does that make sense?). I need to get him the bottle, or a paci, or a burp cloth...he can't seem to do it himself 100%...and it totally annoys the crap out of me! And I'm usually immersed in other important things like paying bills, prepping dinner, folding laundry...can't a girl get a break?!?!?

Jen said...

Even in the best of relationships with the best of husbands, I think almost all moms feel like more lands on their plate. Yesterday Jeramy called me talking about how Jillian got all fussy when he needed to go out and run an errand. Ummm yeah. She's a baby.

Wishing 4 One said...

LOL, not laughing at you, but isnt it crazy. We have the best husbands, but we all have "this is it" days. We don't have any kids in the mix yet and I still get those days once in awhile. Good luck getting back to work, I am sure the combo of AF and getting back is taking its toll. Relax and know this will pass, quickly I hope. xoxoxoxo