Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quiet Day

Today was a day of getting back to normal. This past week has been totally crazy. The three large drama's in our families are as follows:

1. Aaron's older brother is the POA for his father. The truck that Aaron drives is technically his father's truck - but all along it was intended to be Aaron's truck. So much so, that his father went out and bought another exact same truck for himself. His brother decided to give Aaron and I 4 days notice as to whether we would buy it for $16,000. Right. Like we have 16k just sitting around. We offered 8K (which is all we really can pay, and to the point that we were never planning on NEEDING to buy a truck - hence the reason we bought my super fancy car last summer). His brother said that wasn't a fair price. So he drove it to the dealership in CT (3.5 hours away) where my FIL bought it to see what they would offer. The offer from the dealership? $10,000.

Of course - his brother is being an ass, and actually LEFT the damn truck in CT. Obviously Aaron and I are willing to buy it for 10K - that is much more reasonable. But now, his brother says he needs to see if the lawyer will allow him to sell is for 6K under blue book. AUGH! Assuming we CAN buy it, and his brother is reasonable on the whole selling of the truck (like how we need to give over the money) we will buy it - and then need to freaking drive to 7 hours round trip to get a truck that lived at our house for the last 18 months.

2. My brother. I'm now the freaking referee between my mother and my brother. Mom isn't talking to him. And he feels like mom is pushing him away. (Which I think is somewhat justified because he thinks it is totally acceptable to think that mom should sell her cabin to get him out of the debt he's put himself in. And also expects him to co-sign a car loan for him). They just need to each other but instead talk to me.

3. Aaron's mother. She got fired from the family business (where she got her health insurance). While we were visiting (they live right next to each other) - we would walk over to show off Hulk... and at first - she said we should invite them over for drinks. The next day - we got reamed out for hanging out with them because of how awful they treated her. It's like she realized there wasn't enough drama - so she had to make some up. Augh!!!

So today - I just did a bunch of 'me' stuff. Stayed in bed until 10 (I was up at 4 and 7 to feed my little man, but he went back to sleep after each feeding - he is also pretty wiped out!). Then we ran errands.. and I came home and cleaned the frig and made a crockpot chicken stew. And when Aaron get home - I'm off to the gym. Better go get changed!


sukeyknits said...

Gotta love family! Trust your fol is doing well. Cheers.

Brandy said...

Family will do it to you every time.

That's just crap about the truck situation. I can't even tell you how many times I've seen things like this in families. At this point I say everything needs to be in writing or it shouldn't be done. Sadly that's just the result of the crap of life hitting me in the forehead. Good luck!