Wednesday, February 18, 2009


WTF? I just spent all morning cleaning all our bed linens. Since I was upstairs, I went through all of Hulk's clothes. We are lucky enough to have friends that have given us AWESOME hand me downs (the coolest was right after he was born, a neighbor brought over newborn 'boy' stuff - I loved dressing him up in those little blue outfits! Not that I don't still love dressing him up....). I also have a huge amount of gifts now that we are hitting the 6 month size.

That's right. 6 month size at almost 11 weeks. Never call my boy petite!

But I went through all the drawers, pulled out everything. I took the stuff that didn't fit and sorted by 'to give away' and 'save'. I pulled out a bunch of gifts and good thing I did! Some were ready to be worn! And then I put them all back in the drawers with some semblance of order.

Hulk hung out in his crib... happily playing along - until the batteries in his mobile died. That was a massive crisis... heightened by the fact that the rechargeable batteries weren't recharged. Why is it that baby toys have all the batteries SCREWED into the back of the toy!?! I had to move the crib, find a screwdriver, put in the batteries, screw it BACK on... only to find out the damn batteries weren't charged. I ran downstairs, got normal batteries, unscrewed the back, put them in.... all the while Hulk is whimpering (thank god we didn't make it to meltdown) for me to get it going again. Then he fell asleep! In his crib! For almost an hour!!!!!

I then went and organized my bedroom a little. But seriously - this is more nesting that I did before Hulk arrived. Did anyone else go wacko before they went back to work!? I've only got a week left on my maternity leave.


Jen said...

I hate that the batteries are always screwed in too. I'm sure some baby ate some once. I guess I'm glad that they have screws to prevent that but it sure is annoying.

Donna~ Blessed Nest said...

oh the battery thing makes me crazy...I am still nesting off and on and my kids are 3 and 5..It goes in waves. I get the idea everything has to be in it's place only to find that doesn't last long. LOL