Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

I love Easter. I feel like its a fun holiday - brings hope and joy. And candy. Lots and lots of candy. I'm pretty sure that Maggie only ate candy yesterday.

We did so much this weekend, it's almost too much to report on. We spent a lot of time with family and friends, and Aaron even had time to fix some major things around the house. I started off the weekend with making some Easter baskets for the kids:

We did the magic jelly beans - into lollipops plan - both kids thought it was great.

Actually, Maggie thought the entire idea of a candy filled day wonderful. She had candy for breakfast, a lollipop at 8 AM, more candy during the Easter egg hunt, and then she continued with this trend as the day wore on.

Most fun part of the day was when the Easter Bunny (AKA Aaron) arrived. We were gathered on a friends deck, waiting to start the Easter egg hunt, when Aaron hopped into view. You could have heard a pin drop.

Maggie was totally into the whole thing:

I have no pictures of Cam because he was off and running!

I did make the Easter chick deviled eggs - everyone loved them!

We also had a wonderful Easter dinner. Aaron made a leg of lamb, and my mom made a turkey breast. We had Suzanne and her family join us, along with Aaron' uncle. A great time had by all.

And now I'll spend the week recovering, lol.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

That looks like an awesome Easter!