Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Today is Aaron's birthday. I made him a fun word cloud that he loved. Everyone should do this. Go check out wordle.

  • Maggie is going through an awful stage where she cries about 60% of the time. The other 40% of the time she is ridiculously cute. I'm starting to lose my shit.

  • I was afraid to go into her room this morning because I had no idea what version of Maggie we'd be blessed with. It started out as cute Maggie, and then she cried for 20 minutes because I insisted she get dressed.

  • But I gave her yogurt covered raisins and all was well. Until I wouldn't let her bring her dinosaur to school.

  • I can't win.

  • Well. I could. But then Maggie would get her way 100% of the time and life would be very, very, different.

  • Things have slowed down here for a bit, and I'm happy to do nothing for a while!

1 comment:

HereWeGoAJen said...

Happy birthday, Aaron!

Yeah, we had that stage. The stage where they think everything is unfair and totally ridiculous.