Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This week at daycare they are celebrating the Week of the Young Child. Each day there is a different thing to do. Monday was Crazy Hair Day, Tuesday was Silly Sock day, today is PJ day, tomorrow is Backwards Day and Friday is Rex Sox day. It's a little stressful to remember what to do each day (or figure out Crazy Hair 3 days after we shaved Cam's hair!*) but it's making it obvious that we, as parents, think WAY too much about things.

Each night, I tell the kids what the next day's thing is and in the morning they are SO excited. This morning, Cam was in my bedroom naked asking if I could help him find his Transformer PJs. He had woken up, gotten undressed and tried to get himself 100% dressed for PJ day. I'm sure other moms of 3 year olds understand what a HUGE deal that was.

I spend a lot of time looking for fun things to do with the kids. I know that they are too young to remember half of the things I'm doing. But for me, I have as much fun as they do (if not more). This week? I realized that they are probably just as excited to wear PJs to school as they would be to go on some expensive and/or complicated adventure. So when the email came across about a groupon for a the circus, I deleted it. The offer was for a weekday morning show (so I would have to take time off work) and was all the way in Boston. As I was trying to figure out a way t o make it work, I realized, no need to work that hard. Sure, I'm still taking the kids to do fun things - this weekend we are going to the beach! But I'm going to remember that the simple things are a lot of fun too.

* This would only work for kids with shaved, light color hair, but I took a washable marker, and drew two stars on either side of his head with the help of a star cookie cutter. It looked fun and Cam loved it.And a friend cracked me up by making a twist on the Sneetches: " The Star Headed Cameron's had heads with stars, and the Plain headed Cameron's had none upon thars."

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Ha, that is one thing I've said. Up to a certain age, there isn't much fun difference between taking a kid to Disney and to Walmart.