Tuesday, April 10, 2012


When I met Aaron, my first thought was - Oh! Cute! And then he took me for a ride on his motorcycle.... which made me think, Hey! Cool! The we had our first kiss - I'll stop there.

Anyway. Before we got married, all I knew of Aaron was that he is a great guy, fun, good heart and he could make me laugh. He is responsible, we have the same basic life values - all the stuff that you are supposed to look for in the person you are going to spend your life with. Which very important.

BUT. When we bought our house (about a year after we were married) I found out I hit the husband jackpot. Sure, he is kind and sweet - but my husband? He can install hardwood floors! Build additions! Do electrical! And this weekend, he fixed two major issues in our house that involved plumbing. First big issue is related to the fact that our house is crooked. The toilet in the guest bathroom isn't seated right, so it rocks when you sit on it. And it's an original toilet to the house, so it needed to be replaced. We finally went and got a new toilet. When he went to install it, he found that the floor is 1/4 inch higher in the front than the back. And the sleeve that you mount the toilet on was all rotted. And the valve that turned off the water was broken. So - three trips to the hardware store later, he got it fixed. My hero.

And the master bathroom had an issue with the sink. The cold water wasn't shutting off. So until he could get to fixing it - I was brushing my teeth with hot water. It was nasty. It took him no time at all to throw in the new faucet.

Most people? Would have needed a plumber to do all that work. Not us! Aaron can sweat pipes, install toilets - he can fix anything! It's awesome. I joke with one of my girlfriends who also has a husband that can fix anything - we can never get divorced, as not many guys can do this stuff.

I really hope that my kids take an interest in learning this stuff from Aaron. Because it's empowering to be able to fix things by yourself. I know that just being able to know how to change a flat tire on my car has saved my butt more times than I can count. I saw some teenage boys on the side of the road sitting and waiting for road service with a flat tire - and that made me sad. Both of my children will know how to change a tire before they get their licenses.


Deborah said...

You know we are all totally jealous of your husband's skills, right? At least I am. I wish my husband (or I) could do half that stuff.

Cece said...

I can't even tell you how thankful I am for his skills. Sometimes it backfires (he insisted on installing our front walkway, and let's leave it at there are some 'issues').... But in general? It's awesome.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I am jealous too! I have all the handyman skills in our house (learned from my dad) but I do not go that far. Can he fix refrigerators?