Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

Ah Friday. How I love thee. Work is significantly calmer, but a week at work is a week at work, right?

  • Tonight we are getting a babysitter and going out to dinner. Is this now a weekly thing?! Love it. But this time it's to hang out with some family that is visiting.

  • Usually we have the babysitter arrive right as we leave and the kids are already in bed. It's never an issue because our kids wouldn't get out of bed. A few times ago, Cam got out of bed and came looking for us and FLIPPED out when we weren't there. So now we are asking the babysitter to come about 30 minutes before we leave and give Cam full disclosure that we will be out of the house. I still feel bad about last time.

  • Cam has a buddy in school who used to be his best friend, but is really aggressive. Cam stopped talking about him and playing more with other kids. But yesterday, for whatever reason, Cam and this boy were hanging out, and they were hitting and SPITTING at other kids. Great. So we had some stern words about that. Spitting?! Seriously!?

  • We are becoming friendly with a couple that moved in a few houses down, and have started weeknight play/dinner dates. It's a blast. Cam will be in the older daughters class, and Maggie with be in the same class that their twin daughters.

  • Yep you read that right - twin daughters Maggie's age. What are the odds? But they are really sweet and I'm slowly getting past the PTSD.

  • This weekend is Easter and we DO IT UP around here for Easter. We have a big neighborhood Easter egg hunt and Aaron dresses up as the Easter bunny. It's a blast.

  • I usually don't do a big Easter basket, but I mentioned that yesterday and everyone was appalled that I wasn't. And of course, I couldn't just get a store bought basket. I spent the morning making handmade baskets for the kids and filling them up. The tutorial I was following wasn't super helpful, so I gave up on it and did it my own way. They aren't perfect - but cute enough.

Happy Easter everyone!

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Elizabeth has a friend who is becoming THAT friend too. It is uncomfortable.

I read that about the same age twins and my first thought was yikes!