Wednesday, June 6, 2007


OK. As the days pass, I get a little bit calmer about this whole thing. As I've noticed when doing through the IUI cycle - it is so freaking easy to get totally spun around with all this IF stuff. Last night, as Aaron and I went to pick Abby up at the vet (and she is fine now, thank god - she is like my first child, I love that dog so much) I was teasing him about maybe getting some 'action'. And he said 'Not tonight!'. And I totally didn't understand WHY? I thought he was teasing me!

Um. No. He had his SA this morning.

The test that is hanging everything up. The reason I was in tears 3 days ago!? And he laughed and said it sure is interesting the way my brain works. Anyway - he just called - everything is done, and now I guess we just wait to see how everything pans out. Who knows, there may be some sort of insurance miracle, and we will be doing IVF this month.

Time for my weekly update:
Yoga: 3 times! This is pretty good, considering I was out of town for 5 days. I was brave and went to a different studio. It was fun, and felt good to be keeping up with my exercise even while traveling.
Walking: Two 3 mile 'official' walks. We did a LOT of walking on the trip - both around Northamption and around college.
Weight lost: 2 pounds! 10.5 pounds total, 4.5 pounds to go. Actually, when I went to the docs last week, turns out that my scale is only 6 pounds light, not 8 as I had thought - so technically only 2.5 pounds to go... but I'd really like to not be teetering on the edge of where I need to be. Plus - once I get to this first goal, I still have another 20 pounds I'd love to lose.

All in all, good progress. I went to the outlet malls on my mini-vacation, and bought 2 new pairs of pants which are 2 sizes smaller than what I was wearing back in Dec. I also am wearing a shirt today that I hadn't been able to button a year ago. I really feel like I'm making great progress. As the time passes from the realization that we may not be doing IVF this month, I realize that, although annoying, it makes the weight loss pressure a little less. Which is one less thing for me to worry about - and trust me - I have plenty of other worries to fill up that space.


Serenity said...

I LOVE putting on clothes which were tight a year ago and realizing how loose they are now... that happened with two of my work shirts AND some slacks (though I'm still annoyingly in between sizes right now. Boo).

You're doing great!

So happy to hear that you're calmer. I know that for me, I have issues with getting information which I wasn't expecting. That seems to throw me for a loop - but then I adjust and get ok with it.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Glad that you are feeling better. Congrats on the weight loss!

Samantha said...

I'm glad you're feeling better about starting the IVF cycle, whenever that may be. I hope the SA went well.

Great news with the weight loss!

Geohde said...

Good thing you've got the SA hurdle outta the way. The rest is up to the red tape now.

Hang in there.

Laura, the (reluctant) baroness said...

Fantastic job on the exercising! You're an inspiration. And while I hope things will work out for this cycle, I'm glad your finding a silver lining if it has to be pushed back.

Glad Abby is better.

Jill said...

cece....sorry to hear about all these troubles. It totally sucks about the insurance deal but it is good that you are feeling better. Also, it is good that your insurance covers these costs - that isn't the case in most states. Plus, you look great and good job losing weight!